I think what often trips us up in life are our vulnerabilities. Being brave enough to share them without the worries of judgement. We often hide behind our masks and labels rather than share our vulnerable gifts in the world. We all have them. And often they are hidden in those subtle connections. When we have the courage to show up and be ourselves, we have a better chance of connecting on a deeper level with one another.

Our vulnerable moments are our personal truths. Vulnerable moments are standing with another without knowing all of the answers. It’s also being present without advice. It’s giving our best without a plan. I find the less I try to hide my vulnerabilities, the easier I connect with others. The more they actually want to connect at a deeper level. There is more room for understanding and patience. That connection of our own truths is what we really seem to want in one another.

Being present with our vulnerabilities also supports this behavior in others. We are all journeying through life not knowing what the next day will bring , how we will handle the detours, and how things will turn and change. We are all truly a bit messy and stumbling together. Our ego’s just have a tougher time admitting it. When we can realize none of us have all the answers, we can allow the space and compassion for our vulnerabilities and differences not only with ourselves, but with each other.

Think about this, when you do business with another, are you more likely to move forward with those you have connections with? I find most people are more drawn to people that can show up with their honest vulnerabilities and be themselves. I know I like doing business with those that show me who they are. Those people may not be the perfect candidate on a resume, but when you interact with them, you know they’re not just trying to impress you by acting like someone they’re not. It’s often about the connection.

In order to connect, we share our true selves. We certainly were not born the same; nor are our likes, dislikes, and personalities the same. So why do we insist on how things go or appear to one another? Are you sharing and connecting from the inside? Or are you judging appearances and labels?

I always encourage you to go out and feel your best. What that looks like will be different for everyone. What we can do is allow those truths and hold the space for the vulnerabilities in each other. We rise and uplift each other by the energy, connection, and space we show up for in one another.

When I listen to or study some of the very successful entrepreneurs and social media gurus they all seem to have that in common. They all are very honest about themselves and their vulnerabilities. I believe it has much to do with how they got to where they are. And where many people strive to be . It’s an emotional journey first.

The next time you have a businesses presentation, an important meeting, or an agreement with another, rather than trying to appear perfect or without flaws, just be yourself: the truest version of you. See where the connection takes you and how your experience goes. The right people and energy will show up when the time is right. If the connection isn’t made, the time just isn’t right. Something better is coming. I sometimes find the connection is actually met and the timing with that person or persons will evolve down the road.

Trust yourself and especially your vulnerabilities. Don’t be afraid of showing who you are. That is how people can connect with you. This can offer more authentic experiences in your life.