State of Mind

Caring for our state of mind daily is as important as eating, bathing, or sleeping. Frequently I notice how easy it is for us to get caught up in our daily activities. We rush and move through the actions without taking care of our thoughts. It’s like we are on a rushed time clock to get things done. As you move through your day, be aware of whether you are checking off tasks and chores, or taking time to be in the moment of what you are doing. Are you mindful when you are doing the laundry, dishes, or picking up the kids?

Are you joyfully present in those moments or rushing to get through them? When you sit down for dinner are you present with your food and family, or busy thinking about the next things that need to be done? We can get carried away in thoughts of our daily to do list rather than engaging ourselves through each activity. When you are caught up in thought of the next thing rather than the thing/activity in front of you, you are not present. You may be moving through the motions accomplishing things, but you are not in the state of mind of peace, enjoyment, or presence when your mind is elsewhere.

It takes a little practice of being mindful each day. The more you try, the more you may find out how often you are not being present. You miss many blessings and much peace when you allow your mind away from the present. You may be breathing more shallowly, not allowing sufficient oxygen to your brain. You may be stressing or worrying over events that aren’t even happening yet. When you aren’t careful with your state of mind, you can cause more harm than good. Especially when it comes to your health.

Your thoughts direct your brain and communicate with the rest of your body. Health does start with your state of mind. Your brain is that powerful! Isn’t it cool to know that you get to choose your thoughts and be a team player in your own health and happiness? It’s not up to default or circumstances out of your control. You get to contribute to how your life unfolds. You can choose happy, healthy thoughts every day. You get to choose how you spend your energy and gauge your state of mind.

In every moment regardless of what you see, hear, or experience , you get to choose how you feel and how you respond. You can care for your state of mind like you would your child, your pet, or anyone very special in your life. Your state of mind deserves the care and attention you would give to your loved ones. Just as you would lift the spirits of your child, spouse, or perhaps your best friend, you need to lift your state of mind daily.

The more you practice care in your state of mind throughout each day, the better you habitually will become. And with small steps continuously, you can incorporate a healthy mind with a clean body, full stomach, or good night’s sleep every day. A healthy mind in turn results in more joy, peace, and happiness. These also lead to a healthy internal environment that your body has more power to take care of you. When you take care of your state of mind, you are taking care of everything else. By empowering our thoughts and feelings, we are empowering our overall health.

If your mind is going to be busy thinking every day, you might as well choose how you want to take care of it. Be mindful of what your brain is saying to your body. Choose how you want to feel and function. You are not without options. Isn’t that nice to know? Be good to your state of mind. Care for it and see how you mind, body, and soul improves. Slow down in each chore and task in your day to experience them more fully and you can create a state of mind to experience them more joyfully.