Affecting Your Reality

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Your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs affect your reality. They are connected to the universe and all that surrounds you. The way I understand this concept is to acknowledge the law of vibration. And the way I understand this law is that Everything in our universe broken down and analyzed consists of energy or light. That energy (or vibration) exists as a frequency. 
According to Dr. Emoto‚Äôs water experiment: The power of our thoughts, Our thoughts, feelings, and actions have their own rates of vibration. High density objects have a lower speed of vibration. And Low density objects have a higher speed of vibration. Feelings; like objects have also been measured similarly. For example: Fear, worry, and stress, vibrate at a low frequency. Peace, calm, and feelings of love vibrate at a higher frequency.  
Thought is where everything begins. Wherever your thoughts habitually dwell, the conscious mind embeds into your subconscious mind. That in turn becomes your dominant vibration. That vibration attracts similar vibrations into your life. You may have heard the term like attracts like. Your feelings at the present moment dictate your vibrations and in turn what freqeuncy you are emanating. 
Using this understanding, we can consciously be more aware of where we are consistently vibrating. When we are aware of our thoughts and feelings, we can adjust our frequency and vibrations. Many of us have been unaware of how we are unconsciously and subconsciously creating.  
It may take a little practice to become more aware of, and get better control of, your own thoughts and feelings. Over time you can improve the direction of your life. A good example of this is animals. Did you realize they respond to the frequency you are emanating? If you are fearful, they respond accordingly. I’ve seen some animals act aggressively towards a fearful person. And of course if you are calm, relaxed, and gentle, they receive that vibration from you. It is a bit like gaining their trust with your frequency. 
So basically everything around you responds to the frequencies and vibrations that you give out. 

Since you affect your reality, the next recognition is how you are vibrating. What are you thinking and feeling? This will help direct and guide you to the frequency you are vibrating. Are you allowing more positive vibrations (that operate on higher density frequencies) to come to you, or Are you allowing more fear, worry, or negativie vibration (that vibrates at a lower density frequencies) to come to you. 
Your Thoughts, Feelings, and Beliefs affect your reality. I encourage you to pay attention and vibrate high my friends! Allow more positivity and kindness in your life. Fine tune your frequencies and get ready for attraction. 

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