Feeling Stuck

Feeling stuck

Do you ever struggle with feeling stuck? Not fully sure of which direction to go, or just blocked from new ideas? Some people feel they know they want or need something more, but feel stuck not knowing exactly what that is. We can easily get sucked into our daily routines and habits of “busyness” without feeling daily passion and purpose. Over time it can begin to feel like a numb, stuck feeling. Even though we feel stuck, many of us feel energy urging to surge without a direction to help it flow.

This is a time that I have found creativity and exploring can be your best friend. Especially if you can’t feel the pull or direction nudging from your soul. Sometimes we just haven’t stumbled across that YES!

We are energy constantly in motion. Technically speaking we cannot truly be stuck. So where does the feeling come from? We can all have different underlying reasons, but at some point in our lives we may have felt this burned-out or questioning feeling. We can forget to add some excitement into our daily routines, or perhaps forget to have some time for our soul. Our hobbies can be little lifesavers . Hobbies represent. Our secret wishes, the things we would rather be doing if we didn’t already have so much to do. Often in our culture, our hobbies are encouraged only when we’ve met all of our responsibilities or given some grief because of time spent “goofing off.” .

For many successful entrepreneurs, hobbies become careers. No one starts off with a successful business or initially becomes an expert in their fields, but over time we can learn and grow our passions into careers or simply use them to keep our lives sane. Hobbies are no joking matter. To me it’s the gold thread woven into our canvas of life. When you do not have a hobby or passion, it is easy to become stuck, burned-out , or depressed. We need things that make our souls smile. To spend time getting into a flow of our joy can really help and enhance balance.

Hobbies are very much like meditation. When you meditate, the goal is to slow down all the 50 million thoughts you have running constantly in your head. When you can slow down the thoughts and not get wrapped up in them, we give ourselves a break and open ourselves to receiving of ideas, inspiration, and joy. When we get involved in a hobby we truly enjoy we can become so engaged that we forget or slow down the 50 million thoughts in our head. Our hobbies can be the healing we just may need.

I know some of you actually do not have active hobbies. I know this because I’ve heard it from many clients over the years. And you may not even know where to start. You do not have to sign up for professional golf lessons unless you are excited and can’t wait. What I would suggest is exploring some interests you may have never gotten around to. Perhaps you’ve always wanted to take an art or pottery class. A dream you never had the courage to move forward with. These are great places to start. Take a Saturday or evening class. There are also many free tutorials online this day and age to learn just about anything. It can be a start.

I also know that there are probably more than a few out there who aren’t sure what you are interested in. A good place to start is to try to recall as a kid what you were drawn to . What did you enjoy before all the adult responsibilities? Painting? Drawing? Dancing? Music? Baking? Riding a bike ? What did you enjoy that you may not be doing anymore? If you cannot recall, now is the perfect time to try a few new things and explore. Your soul will let you know which ones light you up. It’s hard to ignore. This doesn’t require any rhyme or reason. Just activities that you find fun. Anything that you enjoy, and that you can engage in. If it can distract your mind from your worrisome thoughts, troubles, or long to do lists, you’re on to something.

Being able to have something or some things that can distract your mind for periods of time is very healthy. This leads to filling your own cup with joy so you can serve everyone around you better. When you can have some activities helping your soul to sing and find joy, you perform better at work, become more pleasant for your family to be around, and remain true to your authentic self. The more you can tap into you, the more you receive. It may be an idea or inspiration for a new venture or business. It can just be the balance you need in your life now. When you can feel more joy in your life now, you create a more joyful future. And our hobbies are a key to happiness.