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I was thinking about freedom today. What it means to each of us and how we represent that to others. I think inherently we all want freedom. Freedom to choose. We tend to want the freedom to choose what works in our lives and what doesn’t. The freedom to live where you want, the freedom to choose your career, the freedom to choose who you love, the freedom to choose your friends, and even the freedom to choose what religion if any that may be right for you. All day every day we make choices and most of us want to choose what is best for us.

We are all different. We were born as individuals with different likes, looks, mindsets, and cultures. How could it be possible in our world to agree on any one “right” way? That may be impossible, but what is not impossible is giving one another the space and freedom to choose what is right for each one of us. We are simply not all going to agree to like mustard.

When we spend our energy arguing and protesting each other for beliefs that do not belong to us, we are actually chipping away at our own freedoms. We receive the space and love we give to others. There is an old proverb that is a favorite of mine. I’m not sure who originally stated it, but it goes something like this: “There are many paths up the mountain. The only one wasting their time is the one running around the mountain pointing out another’s way is wrong.”

I’m not saying there aren’t situations in life that come across our path that we can help another. We have opportunities to share and there is nothing wrong with sharing your beliefs and passions when asked. The downfall is asserting you are the only one who knows the way or the correct way to live and be. We connect on a deeper level by attempting to understand each other. We do not have to agree with someone else’s way to be kind or be a friend. Some of our greatest connections happen when we can put our differences aside and work together. That kind of energy has the ability to heal humanity and our planet.

In our careers, we call it professionalism. I like to think in life, it’s called being a kinder human being. Respecting one another’s difference in beliefs. Not everyone is going to like wine and jazz music like I do, but I do like the freedom to choose how I spend my time. To hold that sacred, I have to allow the space and freedom for everyone to choose their own likes and paths.

I would just like to encourage you, the next time you are on your social media such as Facebook or a place where you air out your opinions, give a little space for consideration. The same freedoms you wish for yourself is the kind of allowance you need to give to others. Are you really for freedom or blocking it for yourself and others?