One of the first things I remember learning in anatomy and physiology is that the body is in constant movement towards reaching and maintaining homeostasis. The body has the tendency to seek and maintain a condition and balance or equilibrium within its internal environment. The reason the body seeks to maintain this balance is for optimal health. It’s our natural state to seek balance internally.

With that said, when we are caught up in lifestyles that produce a lot of stress each day, the best way to maintain our health is to find balance. When you participate daily in activities that leave you internally feeling stressed, you would greatly benefit from regular de-stressing techniques. What works for one is not necessarily going to work for all . You have to play around a bit to find things that help you de-stress. It helps to put forth the time forth into depositing the balances in your life. We can assist the body at maintaining its homeostasis by not continually fighting against it.

Just as the day shares time with the night, we need to share ample time for rest as we work. Some people’s schedules and lifestyles can allow little deposits each day, while others may be able to set some days or hours aside for self care. It is also certainly okay for each of us to reboot in the ways that relax us. The main goal is not to get so caught up in our busy stressful schedules that we do not put forth the effort in re-establishing or renewing some balance.

It also helps us move forward more productively. We tend to give less of ourselves and perhaps do a poorer job when we are tired and stressed than we can when we are refreshed, rested, and renewed. Placing the value for balance in ourselves creates a more positive atmosphere and positive health choices for ourselves. When the body is nurtured and cared for, it can do a much better job at healing and maintaining our homeostasis. Think of it as a team effort.

When we neglect ourselves for the sake of others, we aren’t able to be as good to them as we possibly could. When you overfill a cup of water, the cup is not going to be able to hold all of the water; it’s going to overflow. When our kids are tired and cranky, we may insist on or put them down for a nap, but frequently ignore our own cues. We can follow our feelings, emotions, and body to find where we are imbalanced. What a nice compass we were born with.

Often we ignore our compass due to imitating unspoken behaviors we pick up as we grow up rather than making a conscious effort to take care of ourselves along the way. We have those bells and flags that subtly and sometimes loudly signal us that we need more rest or balance. This is a call to pay attention to our radars and respectfully listen. It can save you from some crises down the road. Be a team player in your own health and support your own homeostasis. Your body, health, mind, family, friends, and universe will thank you for it. Heck, it’ll also support you!!