Put Yourself Out There

Put yourself out there

To move forward towards your goals and dreams, sometimes you have to put yourself out there whether you are ready or not. I notice we often wait for the perfect circumstances to line up, or think we need to see the whole plan to move. These excuses hold us back from the progress we need to make and the lessons we need to learn along the journey. Many successful people got to their big breaks by learning many things that didn’t work out. The difference between hitting the mark and missing it is often defined by whether we give up, or keep moving forward despite our falls and stumbles along the way.

I often speak in my blogs about the trust factor. In order to trust, we have to believe in what we do not see. We don’t have insurance for our dreams to fall back on. Some of the best hunches come from the trust and faith that we will get there. Believing in the unseen isn’t taught much in our textbooks and academic education, but I found it as the necessary ingredient in my adult life. I mentored small business owners for years, and most often those clients needed reassurance and support of their instincts more than any business advice I could give.

Most of our impulses, great ideas, and hunches do not come from well-calculated plans. And often the stories that lead to success beyond our wildest dreams do not come from a safe plan. We can let logic stand in the way of our greatest gift in this world, our intuition. I think a lot of it has to do with how we attempt to justify what we know in our hearts to others. There can be a gap in other people’s understanding of our ideas and our own. When we try to explain and justify our hunches, we can either talk ourselves into doubt, or more often listen to the doubts of others. If we listen more to their limitations over our own intuition, we can miss our strengths, gifts, and opportunities.

When you have an idea, a dream, or a hunch in the beginning, it’s a bit tricky to understand the path ourselves. When we try to explain or ask advice of another, we can block our own power. It’s often a good idea to protect and nurture our ideas until we can get our faith and trust behind ourselves. Share them with those that can encourage your intuition, or keep them to yourself for a bit. When we have the courage to stop making excuses and put ourselves out there, we can accomplish many things. It’s a bit like expecting to win the lottery when the odds are good, but you didn’t buy a ticket.

When you put yourself out there, you are doing so to accomplish your goals and dreams, not anyone else’s. Try not to worry about what other people think of your journey. It helps to remember they can only see from their bird’s eye view. It does not have to make any sense to anyone besides you. Have faith in the gifts you’ve been given, and trust your strengths to unfold as you put yourself out there for the journey. You just might be amazed at what can unfold for you.