The Passion Factor


The passion factor can be a powerful directional compass in life. In talking with friends and clients through the the years, I’ve found that one of the biggest obstacles can be struggling with decisions. Which is the best way, what are the pros and cons , and what if I chose the wrong way? These seem to be common stems of questions in decision making. If I could give anyone an easier gauge , I would say to try the passion factor.

When you think about choices and a decision you’re facing, ask yourself which avenues bring you towards your passions. I don’t think it’s possible to know all the facts before making any decision. We also do not have a remote control in life to fast-forward time so we may peep at the results before making a decision. We are left with the mystery of anything can happen, and life can go many different ways. If we knew exactly what to expect, we may make decisions quicker and easier. Since we don’t have that magical remote, we do have a passion factor.

We can make decisions on how we feel. Pay attention to where your intuition is pulling you. Sometimes the best advice is to leave some logic out. We can drive ourselves a little crazy imagining too many possible scenarios. Sometimes visualizing outcomes can be a benefit to imagining, but too often we can use our imagination in a more negative direction. When we worry about what could happen, or picture worst case scenarios while weighing our decisions, we can bring less positive energy into our life. I bet if you sit and think long enough, you can always add to the list of pros and cons and never stop. Eventually a decision is still left to be made.

As stated before, we don’t have a remote control to show us the outcomes that could have happened if we had made different choices. You have to trust your gut and do what feels right to you in that moment. Worrying about how this decsion will affect you in ten year’s time is adding unnecessary stress to your life. Often we think back on some decisions as bad ones. Your perception of good or bad choices is only a perception. Have you ever considered that even though things didn’t turn out the way you would have liked, a decision you once made wasn’t necessarily a bad decision? Perhaps it didn’t go the way your would have liked or planned, but maybe it was still a better route than an alternative decision.

Without knowing how things will go in every direction, we are limited in facts and outcomes. We can logic the “what ifs” to death, or we can use our magical intuition compass in our choices. Instead of making a pros and cons list, make a list of the known facts in your decision–and then, apply the passion factor. Which aspects bring you more joy? Sometimes it’s helpful to take certain factors off the table. Instead of basing your decision on the details of money, other opinions, and doubts, it can be an advantage to you to take some of them out of the equation that may be holding you back. We can move towards our dreams using our passion factor leverage. Decisions can be easier when you follow your bliss.

Allow your intuition to work in your own favor. Get out of your head a bit and lean towards the decisions that bring you joy. It most often won’t steer you wrong. Even if your ego tries to convince you it did, you’ll never know for sure and don’t have to agree with it. I’m going to bet the more you use your passion factor in making decisions, some beautiful doors and opportunities will open up for you. The next time you make a decision, especially one that can really change the direction in your life, consider applying the passion factor. Once you make a decision, the rest are just details. The rest can be figured out or fall into place. Don’t let the small details overshadow your passion factor.