You Get What You Think About

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   Have you heard the term “You get what you think about whether you want it or not”? I’ve heard it referred to by many teachers through the years, I can’t even quote who originally said it. But I have found it to be very true whether I like it or not.  
    So If this continues to prove true, it really makes a difference to focus on the direction you intend your life to flow. If you want to be happy, the key really is to focus on the things you already have. The more gratitude you practice, it’s as if you are saying to the universe, “Thank you and more, please.”  When you complain and focus on what is missing, you do receive more of what is missing. Regardless of your job and circumstances. I’ve known people in the the same profession, but opposite ends of income. You can be successful at any career, but the intention and energy you set forth, will be your results.  
    So how are you thinking? Watch your language with people when you talk about what you currently do. Are you optimistic? Even if you aren’t currently doing what you want to, it helps to know that to move in the direction of your dreams, you may need to change your language and attitude in the current circumstances. 

The power behind your intentions and feelings actually bring better circumstances over time. So if you are in a job that you really don’t like, you may need to improve your perspective.  
    When you can come from the place of optimism of where you currently are, you become more open and allowing of what you want to flow in. Opportunities show up when we are team players in the universe. Being grateful in your current circumstances does attract brighter paths. If you can focus on all the positive aspects of where you are rather than focus on what is lacking, the next step and people show up at the perfect time.  
    If you are a bit unsatisfied with some current circumstances, the way to turn them into more positive experiences is to keep looking on the bright side or positive aspects. Complaining and continuing to discuss the things that are wrong and not working, brings more of those experiences to you. So you can use the power of your brain with the world. You may need some creativity in your thinking to find the positive aspects, but they are there. You can make a list and journal them. You can speak as if the things you want are on the way. You can create a vision board, or simply set the intentions for change.  
    Any of the ways that resonate to you is not as big of a point as being more cautious in the perspective you currently have. The main point is that if you get what you think about whether you want it or not gives us some clue as to how we attract what we’d like. Since we can’t control people, jobs, and circumstances, you DO have the power to control your attention. Every day and in each moment we have a choice on how we mentally focus. Think more about what you want. Think about what makes you happy. Focus on what you have. The time spent thinking in this direction is not a waste of time. It is using the universe and energy to your advantage. We are not helpless creatures of the world. We are creative wonderful human beings.  
    I encourage you to be creative and enjoy your thoughts more. Dream big, and give your mind permission to believe anything is possible. IF you get what you think about whether you like it or not, you might as well get more of what you’d like. 

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