Trash days

Trash Days

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I had a client tell me an interesting story about how his family sometimes has “trash days.” For them, a “trash day” is a really bad day that they choose to throw out with the trash.

The thing I found most intriguing about this idea was how the family used this tool to transform negative momentum into positive momentum. Sometimes when we experience a string of bad events, it can lower our energy and our moods and manifest even more unwanted circumstances.

Trashing the day and starting over brings you back into the present moment. Here you have some time to reground yourself. You create some space to allow more possibility and better things to flow. Have you ever noticed when a few things are going wrong that they continue to get worse? What we don’t always notice is we can get caught up in complaining about the circumstances and adding negative energy and power to attract more. Especially when we say things like, “What else can happen?” Or “What else can go wrong today?” I don’t know about you, but every time I have asked this, things get worse. One of the hardest habits I’ve had to break is asking these two questions.

Sometimes we don’t get too far into our day before it turns to trash. At this time you may have a day of work or responsibilities to finish before the day is over. We can’t always go straight home and hide under our bed sheets until it’s over, even if we are secretly daydreaming about it. In these instances we can be mindful of our reactions and try some ways to slow the momentum down.

I understand when you have had a day with many unfortunate events taking place, it can be hard to turn it around. You may find yourself dealing with frustration, anger, and disappointment in the incidents. If you can slow down just enough to realize that your reactions add to or take away from the momentum, you can empower yourself to turn it around.

Sometimes the best scenario is to at least slow down your anger and negative feelings. Some circumstances can be a bit out of our control. What we can work on is how we respond. This is one way for the trash day to come in. Realizing that we all have trash days may give you reassurance that it can happen to anyone. Knowing that we can trash it and move on can give us some hope. Especially for a better tomorrow. When you find yourself at the end of a bad day, this is a perfect time to consider trashing it. Take any lessons that could have come with it as wisdom, but by letting it go we take away its power. You don’t want carry that energy into the next day.

Just some ideas to consider. When you notice your day feeling sour, try out a few ways to change the energy or at least your mood. You may need to walk away and give yourself a little fresh air. We may not always be in a situation to implement every idea that calms you, but you can be creative. I had to be creative in a few previous jobs to find a time out option. When I worked as a nurse, the day could get hectic and head south quickly without much warning. I wasn’t always in a position to go walk around the building. What I could do at times was to go to the restroom and lock the door behind me. I would sit down just for a few minutes and take some deep breaths. Just enough to calm me down and let me get some better footing before I returned to the chaos. I really think some of you would be amazed at what little time it can take for a few deep breaths to help you. The important thing is just to do it.

When you let the stress and chaos build up in your life, it can affect your health and your family when you get home. It often spills over somewhere. If I had utilized more of these tools in my nursing days, I would bet I would have held less stress in by body, probably gotten rid of my heartburn quicker, and definitely been less cranky towards my family. Sometimes it’s good to sit in your vehicle for a few minutes before going straight home to center yourself and separate what happened at work so you can be calmer and more present when you get home. In all the years of working, I don’t think anyone taught me this and it would have come in handy in some of the stressful jobs I had. I know many of you out there are working in daily stressful environments.

Whether you are attempting to slow down the momentum in the beginning or middle of the day, know you can use some deep breathing or a relaxing technique that helps you fizzle that energy. Watch something funny online, envision a better scenario, or sit and think of as many things you can be grateful for in that moment. Gratitude can be much more powerful than we often think. When you are at a point to trash the day, it may be the best idea left. Allow the negativity to dissipate. Sometimes holding the intention in your mind that the day is a trash day helps your mind to simply let it go and look forward to better things to come.

A time to adjust our lenses

A Time To Adjust Our Lenses

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I think now is the perfect time to adjust our lenses. Every day in my practice seeing clients and interacting with the world, whether it be in person or via Internet, I observe so many of us amplifying the problems we see. And I’m not disagreeing that much has happened lately. I just want to clarify the opportunity we have to step back and adjust.

Before we continue to dwell on our variety of problems and differences, I think we can also take the time to infuse ourselves with positive energy for change. Once we identify problems, we do not move forward with the same energy as complaining about them. We can become advocates for solutions. There is a time to voice concern and exercise the rights we may have to vote. Beyond our wishes to be heard, we are living day to day amongst each other with choices in whether to argue or understand each other.

The differences we can make to a more amazing world is in our daily interactions. When we adjust our focus from how bad the world is today towards how amazing our world can be, we open more doors of possibility. Resistance closes doors while acceptance opens them. Adjusting our lenses towards possibility is where we can be more powerful. We all have a choice in how we see things. We also have the choice in adjusting our lenses no matter how long we have seen things one way.

We have options for a better world, a better society, better communities, and better selves. A start is moving away from the energy of complaining and grumbling and towards a more applauding and uplifting energy. Lower energies feel heavier and harder to move against. Higher energies are lighter and easier to glide through. When we adjust our lenses to work with more empowering energies, we can accomplish things a lot more easily.

Think of it this way: Is it easier to push a car up the hill or down? The way we use our energy can change the momentum of how we are approaching it. We can definitely fly a kite easier with wind under the sails. So as we embark on daily tasks, interactions, and conversations, think about the energy you are bringing to the table. Are you helping or resisting? Is it necessary or limiting? Just be aware of where you point your energy and how you have adjusted your lenses.

Imagine how amazing our world can be if we all did a little adjusting. Together. Are we more powerful complaining,y or infusing more compassion? How do you feel when someone complains about you or your beliefs versus praising you for your actions and feelings? You are only responsible for what energy you inject outward. What are you radiating every day?

We might not have the opportunity to start over, but we always have the choice in how we move forward. Now is the perfect time to adjust our lens and purposely decide on what energy we contribute to. Aren’t our health, our loved ones, our fellow living beings, and our earth worth it? The question isn’t what everyone else is doing. The question is what are you doing with your energy? The choices in adjustments are up to each of us every day.



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Drama is a part of life. We see many dramas played out through our medias. We know more about what goes on in each other’s lives than ever before through our technology advancements. As always, we can find good points and some negative ones too. Paying attention to how they influence our lives can also help you make choices in where you focus your energy.

Dramas represent our strong emotions amplified. They project what we are feeling on the inside. There are times and places that controlling our dramas and feelings can be more beneficial. Outside of emergency situations, crises, and unexpected major events, we might want to consider the scale of how much we are amplifying our dramas. In everyday life, it can be good to be aware of what you are magnifying and exposing yourself to.

I personally use Facebook for connecting to my family who live all over the country, friends I don’t get to see often, and my clients who use the convenience in communicating along with booking appointments. I use it because it provides me with many advantages. With these advantages I’ve had to be more mindful and aware of how I handle the disadvantages.

Some disadvantages that I think many of us are dealing with are the dramas we are exposed to. Anything from a friend getting frustrated at a store, to sad stories and horrific traumas happening in the world. We struggle with trying to be informed and getting overloaded with unpleasing or unbalanced information. It can feel a bit like a battle between the pros and cons.

I do like that we can have conversations with people all over the world. It can help us gain different perspectives that we might not otherwise have access to in our daily lives. Especially if you don’t travel far.

We live in a society inundated with marketing. We are constantly being marketed to, studied, and swayed from our beliefs. It has happened for many years through our use of TV, radio, news, and papers. Now that the Internet has made massive leaps, we are bombarded with thousands more a day. In this arena we are receiving more and more information to filter through. This can sway and throw us off balance.

I see how more and more information exposure is causing stress, overwhelm, and anxiety in people. It can be time consuming enough to be mindful of your own thoughts, family and co-workers, but now we are also allowing in lots of people into our space of thinking and feeling. If we do not learn a balance of what we expose ourselves to, we can have more emotions to deal with burdening our state of mind and health.

If you are feeling overwhelmed and dealing with emotions of anger and frustration on a daily basis by what you’re reading and seeing, your first step is being aware of the issue. Put some brakes on and monitor what you’re often feeling and what that is. Does the media you expose yourself to make you feel uplifted and joyful most often? Or are you noticing how angered, frustrated, or worked up you tend to get more often? When I stepped back I had some rearranging to do. When you allow more negative emotions to control your daily life, you end up allowing more of the same energy to surround you.

Just as you choose whom you spend time with and who are your trusted friends, you may need to stake stock in how you’re spending your time and energy through your social media. You have an opportunity to bring more peace and clarity into your life by navigating your focus and energy better. I have found that being mindful helps. There can be many ways you can improve your experience. It takes some practice to find some boundaries and filter to figure out what works for you.

You may want to vary how you spend your time and energy. For every hour you are on your technology, you can give yourself an hour to go outside, exercise, take a nap or a relax in a bath. Perhaps get a massage, paint, or even meditate. Balance helps you be more centered as you expose yourself to a lot of information.

Another side of the equation is what you are giving attention to in your media. Just as we often tell our children about being mindful of who they spend their time with, we could use the same advice on what exposure we are often allowing into our minds and experiences.

When communicating on your social platforms, what is worth your time and emotions? Are you kindly discussing your differences, or feeling argumentative and negative towards others? We can choose to get involved, emotional, and overheated by the dramas in life, or we can choose to allow them to pass through.

We often get into habits of just moving through our day rather than being mindful of our navigations through our day. Being mindful gives you the opportunity to choose how you want to interact with the dramas. Once you’re more sure-footed in how you respond and spend your time, you can focus better on your energy and interactions. You can steer into a more deliberate direction.

If we can be more aware of how we are interacting, creating and experiencing our medias, we can also choose how we steer our wheel. When you are mindful of how you create your environment, you empower yourself to what moves into your space. You can utilize your advantages more by tipping your scale. Being responsible to the energy you invite into your space leverages your experience magnificently.



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Many times when our lives get overwhelming the best thing to do is simplify it all a little. We can get a little too far out into the unknowns, and that can cause us to make situations bigger than they are. We cause much of our own suffering with how we look at things and what we think about.

We can get caught up so easily in our judgments, biases, and opinions. We often are quick to make assumptions when instead we should take the time to investigate or learn from another’s experience. Often when we get frustrated and don’t understand something, it is simply because we haven’t walked in the other person’s shoes or because we don’t know what it feels like. At times we can open ourselves by listening. It can also slow and simplify our thinking.

Whether you’re overwhelmed feelings have to do with a disagreement or with having too much on your plate, listen to your inner self and step back a little. When you are feeling overwhelmed, you can cause yourself anxiety, bitterness, and unneeded extra stress. It can be helpful to scale back the things that are out of your control.

If you have too many things to do in a short time, redo your list. Look at what has to be done and see if you can delegate some things. And yes, this means you have to let go of some control. It just isn’t always worth the stress to have to have things “your way.”

If it seems your thoughts are mostly what is overwhelming you, you can use some tools to slow the momentum down. First of all, we can only take things a day at a time. Even that can get out in front of us and be too much. You may have to take it an hour or a moment at a time. This helps you bring your worries and perspective back into the present moment where you can gain some peace and clarity.

Listen to what your body and intuition are trying to communicate with you. Sometimes you simply need to rest and rejuvenate. Often I hear from clients that they feel guilty when they take time for themselves. Too often we feel like we have to do enough work to justify relaxation. Unfortunately we get caught up in a loop of always working and doing, which then causes us to lose balance. This is where many of our overwhelming feelings come from.

Simplifying really helps you to reel your mind back in to bring some relief. It may be you need to slow down. Take a break and allow yourself a nap. Get a massage. Watch a funny movie. Have some laughs with a friend. The key is to permit some space between the overwhelment and calmness you’re seeking. Whatever you can do in the moment when you feel overwhelmedness building up is the first step in turning down the paralyzing heat.

We are often taught about how to work harder and push through our problems. Sometimes a small break in the momentum gives you more leverage than force. I’ve read research stating that when you are very tired and try to push yourself through, you lose momentum and productivity and may fail to finish your project no matter how many hours you put in. If you can somehow walk away and give your mind a break to focus elsewhere even for twenty minutes, you can return and be more productive in twenty minutes than you would have been had you worked a few hours overtime.

The key is to simplify your thoughts. Allow the energy to fizzle out a little. It helps you regroup and open yourself to a better perspective. Often an even more productive one.

When in doubt, be patient with yourself and love yourself more. Love one another. Love your fellow humans. Love the animals. Love our earth that provides our home. Love as much as you can. For what you put out is what you’re contributing to the universe and what you will notice more of in your reality. Simplify your perspective and feel the power!



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One thing I often hear people say is that they just want to be appreciated. In most areas of our life, we desire to be appreciated. Anywhere we put our time, energy, and efforts. We want the efforts we make and the love we bring forward to be acknowledged by our loved ones and family. Our caring for each other comes from the heart, and we want others to notice. When working in healthcare, it was one of the biggest complaints I heard from coworkers. The most common phrase was “I don’t need a big promotion or raise, I just want to feel appreciated.”

It seems to be the ultimate reward for all the hard work and dedication that we do not only in our work, but within our families. I think we like to think we are humble enough that we don’t need the recognition, but I think it is just a natural part of us that would like the confirmation that our efforts don’t go unnoticed. When we feel underappreciated, it can easily lead to negative feelings and, at times, depression. When we feel like no one cares, we can question our existence and purpose to live. Sometimes these feelings lead to actions. Some of us may seek another job. Some of us may end up leaving our spouse or having an affair. Those that choose to bury it inside can also manifest in illness and disease. Bitterness is not a friendly emotion.

When we expect others to appreciate our work and efforts, we may not realize we are giving away our own power to our emotions. Being dependent on how others think about or appreciate you can easily leave you feeling helpless and out of control.

The good news is that no matter where you are on the spectrum, we all have some options in dealing with these feelings. One place to start is to pay attention to how much you are appreciating others. The more you can show some appreciation to others, the more likely you are to notice it coming back to you. When you express your appreciation for another, often they will return the sentiment. Often we do not open the door to receive until we first give. We also help show people how we can treat one another. We often lead by example.

Another really powerful way to open up more love is to appreciate yourself. We aren’t often taught how to notice all the things we do daily for our families and those around us. When we can express loving kindness through appreciation with ourselves we end up filling up our own cup (heart). When our cup is full, our appreciation tends to overflow towards others. It also keeps us from feeling like we are depending on other people to receive appreciation and giving up more of our own control. Sometimes the reason people can’t appreciate you is because they do not know how to appreciate themselves.

Many times we aren’t aware of how much appreciation we are showing to ourselves and others. Once we are more mindful of how much appreciation we are feeling, demonstrating, and showing, we can take the steps to do it more often. Here is a wonderful opportunity to show those that are in our life how much we appreciate who they are and what they do. Write a heartfelt letter or email. Send a card or phone call to simply express your gratitude. You could even step up a little further and send some flowers, a gift basket, or maybe a gift certificate for a bakery or dinner. We don’t have to wait for a holiday or birthday to express some form of appreciation. Be creative. Think about how good it feels to randomly get an unexpected surprise. Notice how it makes you feel and see what returns to you!

Open for change

Open For Change

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When you focus on wanting a situation to change, how often are you being open for the change? Many times we think we will feel better when certain circumstances change. We may not realize the magic of that power requires a different energy than we may be offering. When we encounter problems, we may focus on what we don’t want or infuse much worry into the process.

If we can step back and allow some openness to new ideas, we have the potential to receive more solutions, options, and possibilities. We have to be first willing to change. Being open and flexible allows you to see things from a different, maybe even renewed, perspective. When we concentrate on the problem for too long, we often close the door to the answers we are seeking.

Change isn’t easy for most of us. Our brains are hard-wired for habits. No matter how bad a situation may be, often we will continue thinking the same thoughts about it because we are comfortable and used to them. Some of our best ideas and most successful ventures are uncomfortable at first. They require us to move into a different space and find the energy to open to the unknown. They require us to be more conscious and aware of moving in a different direction.

Change doesn’t often come with a map. We are learning as we go. That can set our ego alarms off and we often hear “Negative Nancy” in there giving us all the reasons why change can go wrong. Next thing you know, you are arguing with yourself. It may seem much easier to agree with your doubts and worries than to be open to thinking differently about the situation. The harder step is to stand up to your doubts and push through them. When you find yourself up against fear and worry, this is a time to acknowledge the fear and be open to moving forward anyway.

Sometimes the avenue to your breakthrough is beyond the worry and fear. For things to get better or simply move in a new direction, we often have to be courageous enough to seek a change of direction first. Your happiness and goals can still be obtained, but it may not happen the way you want to force it to. There are many paths up a mountain, and being open to change allows more options and sometimes better routes.

Many times it may benefit us to adapt and go with the flow. When it doesn’t make sense and we can’t see the whole picture, we may struggle and resist the changes ready to make their way through. When we open ourselves and be more willing to change, we invite the energy into our lives that we are seeking. Similarly, when you focus on the things you don’t like or complain about, you find more thoughts like it. If you are more practiced at being grateful, you often find you have more to be thankful for. What you focus on expands. In order for unwanted things to change, you have to be open to the change of energy.

Though one of my favorite quotes from Ghandi was “To be the change you wish to see in the world,” it isn’t always as easy as the words flowing from our lips. The change takes being open. The change takes practice. The more you can be open to change you can open to the space for allowing it. You also better your leverage the energy, situation, or circumstance for the changes you wish to see.

When we are inflexible we aren’t going to be able to move in many directions. If you are open to more flow, you allow more options, miracles, possibilities, and potentials in your life. The next time you run upon doubts and resistance, remind yourself that you are willing to be open to change. Invite some ideas and inspiration to come your way by opening the door. You never know what good things may be knocking and trying to make their way to you.

Beating the winter blues

Beating The Winter Blues

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It’s the time of year that many people struggle with beating the winter blues. When we feel cooped up inside for long periods and don’t get to receive some sunlight for vitamin D, it can really impact our moods. I know I tend to struggle in the cold months and miss sitting outside in the warm air on my deck. Winter depression can further weaken our immune systems as well.

I’ve learned over the years to be more prepared as the season approaches. To help me enjoy it rather than loathe it, I have a list of ideas and hobbies to enjoy during the season. Around the holidays I try to stock up on some new books, art supplies and inspirational things to look forward to. The time also gives me a little excuse to be reclusive to work on my writing. Writing brings forth some contentment for me and often involves spending lots of time engaging in the art. When life is busy, I can really struggle with boundaries and finding the extra time I need to devote to my passion. So now I can appreciate the cold months providing some gifts for me.

The winter months allow me more time for creativity and exploration. I can now see it as an opportunity to play with my artistic side. I have a regular art class, but in bad weather I can’t make it to the location and end up stuck at home more often. I get to use the time to play with what I learn, and to spend more time practicing.. Now I can get enthusiastic about being inside more often and feel like a kid excited to be out of school for snow.

I hear some of my clients say that they don’t feel like they are creative and artistic. I used to think that way myself. Whatever you tell the mind is what it believes. I want to tell you after being in art class for some time, I am amazed at what I have learned to do thus far. I want to point out that just because you haven’t learned something doesn’t not mean you can not do it. You may be slow and it may seem unnatural at first, but you can learn and you can allow creativity in.

You don’t need talent to embark on a new venture. Just the inspiration or curiosity. No one picks up a paintbrush, an instrument, or craft and perform like a professional from the get go. Even the folks born with certain talents got to the levels they perform at with years of practice. It is never too late to learn something you have always been drawn to. During these dark winter months is a wonderful time to explore those interests. Rather than expecting to get depressed or dreading the time, you can set up some time for some exploration on things you have always wanted to try. Or you can simply use the time to do the things you don’t have much time for.

When you can see past the struggles, you can change the momentum of the energy and the experience. It can be a way to transcend or turn the struggling around. I can’t promise you that you won’t experience any of the winter blues, but if you can approach them differently you may deal with them more easily. It can be harder to turn around if you wait until you are in the midst of those feelings and blues before you take action. It’s like swimming against the current.

I encourage you to acknowledge your challenges and explore interests and hobbies further with the opportunity at hand. Perhaps have some classes, supplies, or ideas ready ahead of time. You may even move through the season without noticing your old habits when you are engaged in some things you truly enjoy. Have fun and enjoy yourself. Your body, mind, and spirit will all thank you for it!

Bridging the gaps

Bridging The Gaps

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As I take a step back from our recent headlines and debates, one big question I think many of our souls are searching for an answer to is “How can we start bridging the gaps in our humanity?” Between the eruptions through social media and our communicative technologies, we have noticeably become divided over many political, religious, and lawful views. These divisions exist among family, friends, nations, and world views.

We have advanced very far in our communications, reaching a variety of people, ages, demographics, and even places that have been more isolated from world events. With this increase of advancement with good intentions of connecting, we have also hit some barriers and problems to sort through and discern. We seem to be exposed to quick bits and pieces of information without the insight of the bigger picture. People who produce and send out pieces of information can easily portray it with agendas towards their opinions.

I’ve found often in just the past few years that I can find evidence to support either side of any topic I research. So no matter what side I may gravitate towards, there is much evidence to rebuke the thought. It really makes me question what we have referred to as facts over time. I read one definition that a fact is a piece of information used as evidence as part of a report or article. The more fascinating ponder is that there seems to be evidence not only on both sides of the arguments, but a variety of points all along the spectrum.

So as we continue to argue over the facts we may agree or disagree with, I think a big start for us all is to acknowledge that we all have different perspectives and life experiences. When we use our energy for arguing and debating, we slow down the progression we could be making towards solutions and possibilities. Step one may be identifying a problem or simply identifying where we need some balance. The issue I’m seeing more these days is not getting past step one.

To move forward in making our world a more peaceful, loving, and kinder place, we may need to find better paths to work in favor of these ideas. It starts with each one of us to work on our own fears, angers, and differences to bridge the gaps between each other. To question our judgements and stereotypes. Knowing where they come from and what we truly fear is a step along patching the divisions.

It’s natural to acknowledge we are all different. It’s questioning what we might fear about the differences of our opinions and beliefs that connect our humanity. We all have vulnerable feelings and we all struggle with things. I’ve not met another human that didn’t have that in common on some level. Regardless of our differences in sex, age, gender, culture, beliefs, and practices, we all have struggles and desires. And we can find common goals to work toward together .

For example, every client, friend, or stranger I’ve had the privilege of holding a conversation with wants happiness, security, freedom, and some purpose or fulfillment. I think we can too easily forget about how much common ground we have with one another and allow our differences to separate us. This separation is what causes our judgments, unkindnesses, misunderstandings, and wars with one another.

The beauty I see is that we can have a world full of differences. It seems pretty impossible to adopt any one opinion or lifestyle. Would you really want to live in a world where everyone ate the same food, wore the same clothes, drove the same car, and did the same thing for a living? I think most of us enjoy the variety. Not everyone desires to practice medicine, law, or work with their hands. Some people love technology, some love to work with people, some prefer to live a more quiet life and tend to nature and animals. We are all living with different visions and dreams.

I think it is good to remind ourselves of the similarities we share all together on this earth when we get heated, argumentative, and upset with one another. Bridging gaps with each other requires more connection and unity. We can do this with respect amongst our differences. The first step in change is believing we can. Then with those beliefs, we can move towards action.

I’m challenging you to a big idea. The idea is to be aware of your words, actions, and arguments. Whether it be face to face or perhaps on the Internet, be mindful and present in how you present your perspective and understanding. Help to bridge the gaps by being more open to hear opposing views by remembering our similarities as humans. Just because we have held a belief for a long time, doesn’t mean it stays true for us or serves humanity. I don’t expect to solve all the problems in one day, but I believe we can work on our presence and communication with each other. We can work towards bridging gaps instead of creating more rifts and disconnections.

Perhaps we are all the answer that our world needs.



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To me, Creativity is a dance with our infinite soul in our expansive universe. For some it’s a tranquil space of surrender. It is definitely a way into joy. An expressive avenue for the soul. A brush with high flowing energy.

Creativity is not just new ideas or where solutions may stem from. It is a variety of energy that can be channeled in infinite ways. It can be an escape from the busyness, chattering, and problems of the world. Creativity comes from a perspective of openness and curiosity. It’s like tapping into the unknown. An outlet to release our energy and many times calm our negative emotions.

Creativity fires many wires in our brains. A connection from the heart and soul. The more creative I feel, the more life-giving energy I feel. It can feel like freedom and empowerment. A balance between the mind and soul. A channel for your soul to express itself. Creativity opens the floodgates of our imagination and the possibility of innovation. It allows the dreamer into a tangible reality.

It’s an invitation. Receiving some answer to our soul’s calling. We can’t always describe it, but we feel it when we are in that flow. The state of enjoyment. In this space, we lose time and worry. Our focus is matched with higher vibrations. When we can allow some creative space, we open ourselves up to the masterpieces within.

The more we say yes to creativity and the time to explore, we start living more joy-filled creative lives. I’ve found not only is the act of being creative itself helpful to my soul, but it also helps improve my performance in many daily tasks. I find that as I give time to my creative avenues, it gives me fuel for my work and responsibilities. The better you feel, the easier it is to do more of what you love and even the things in life that may not be as fun.

Sometimes we can get stuck in our left brain thinking we aren’t creative, but if we can allow some space and possibility along with some practice, we can tap into unlimited potential. We just have to give ourselves permission to move into the unknown energy. You do not have to be very talented or a master at something to be creative. It is simply saying yes to a bit of play and light-heartedness.

Creative endeavors allow the child within to explore. To let that feeling of youth and fun flow through. A smile from within your soul. Many people get these elated feelings from deep and regular meditation practices, but playing with our creativity can also be meditative. We have many ways to infuse more peace and tranquility into our lives, and being creative certainly adds a life onto its own.

Allowing some time each day or week can improve our moods more regularly. When we can balance life with some uplifting enjoyment, we add lighter and higher energy producing better vibrations. Think about how good it feels when you feel good.

I encourage you to say yes to creative energy. Whether it be through your work, play, or hobbies, you can experience deeper dimensions within yourself. You are a masterpiece always waiting to shine. Allow this inner love to move through. Express your lovely self more. Allow some magic in your life. The magic of you.



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Our relationships are more than a contract of love. They are also opportunities for growth and expansion. In all of our relationships, we have times of good connection and bad. Through the journey in life we have many opportunities to expand love. We also have the opportunity to disconnect and separate.

Many of our relationships can be challenging. We aren’t always surrounded by our ideal set of people. We attract what we need to teach us what we are vibrating inside. Our relationships can often reflect the things we haven’t dealt with. No matter how much or how deep our love is for our families, spouses, and children, we will have interactions that we provoke from one another. Things we have the opportunity to face and work out.

Often our triggers play out through defensiveness. When we feel defensive or hurt, we are preventing ourselves from listening openly with our hearts. We may have some deep-rooted seeds from childhood or past experiences that we haven’t worked out and they play into our relationships later. Often when we don’t do the inner work, we may not even be aware of our triggers or the inner walls we’ve built.

We may have many excuses and reasons for our defensiveness, but we also are ignoring our opportunity to grow. This can affect our feeling of wholeness. When we feel defensive, we shut down and put up our shields. We can’t let much love in. Not only are we blocking the love from ourselves, we are experiencing more difficulty in our relationships.

It does require a bit of trust from yourself. We don’t always learn these foundations to aid in our relationships. When we point fingers and blame, we avoid seeing the truth within. We all have triggers we run up against, but to transcend them, we need to be more open and honest with ourselves about why we feel the way we do. Most of the time what triggered the emotion had little to do with the seed of our issue.

We all act as mirrors for each other. It’s not always easy to acknowledge that the aspect we don’t like to see in another is what is coming from ourselves. It takes practice to think about our reactions before they come out of our mouths. It takes more openness and patience to move through what emotions we are experiencing and what we are protecting ourselves from.

We use our emotional shields to try to protect ourselves, but they usually keep showing up until we deal with them. We are wired to feel instinctively protective, but we are also capable of transcending pain. This can certainly separate our connection with ourselves and each other. There is a time to protect ourselves from imminent harm and danger, but what I’m referring to is how our shields and defensiveness plays out into our relationships. Especially in our discussions, arguments, and disagreements.

We don’t always heal our triggers in one discussion or instant, but we can learn to be more aware of what is coming out and going on within. When we can listen more openly;, we can not only deepen our connection in our relationships, but also in ourselves. The more we face ourselves and heal our wounds, the more we raise our frequency and help those around us create the space to do the same. Our own healing heals the world. Together can help each other grow and heal.