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As the end of the year creeps on in, it is a time many of us find for reflection—looking back thoughtfully at the past year, where we are now, and where we’d like to head as we move forward into the new year. Many of us zero in on our flaws and add these to the top of our New Year’s resolutions. There is nothing wrong with aiming towards improvement and wanted goals. There is great power in momentum.

What I would like to suggest is to add all you’ve accomplished and can be grateful for into your reflection. Many times we can be more powerful and add leverage to our New Year’s momentum when we can come from a place of abundance rather than a place of deficit. We might not be in what we consider the perfect place, but when we can acknowledge our strengths and what we need more from ourselves, we can change the energy of how we go about setting new goals.

Often I find people setting goals on things they dislike about themselves. When we can take some time to value ourselves, we can be more empowered in the New Year. Be easy about your new goals. You may set yourself on a path that leads you further to your goals instead of a path that causes you to crash and burn a few months down the road. Our habits are tricky to turn around, so when we approach goals with positive reflection, our goals aren’t so unattainable.

Reflection can take us on many journeys. We can fill ourselves up with disappointment and regret, or we can approach our lives and situations with more patience, love, and understanding. Perhaps it depends on the way you decide to reflect.

You could change your inner dialogue to reflect upon more empowering questions. What lessons did you learn this year? What worked well? What opportunities does your soul yearn for? Are you balancing time that honors yourself and your family? What things could you do to add more happiness in your upcoming New Year?

Take some time to listen to your inner self. Your body and Intuition communicate their needs when we tune in. It can be very beneficial to listen to what your self needs more of from you. Do you seek more peace? More time to enjoy life? Better self-care? When you can fill your own cup, you can serve others better. When you are depleted, you have less to give to yourself or anyone.

The more I deposit into myself, the more I am inspired to do for others. Not only do I feel a deeper connection with myself, I actually feel more connected with the world around me. Many people do not take the time for themselves because they are afraid they won’t do enough for others. I find the opposite to happen. I find the deeper I go within, the better I am to myself and others. It’s a domino effect.

I encourage you to be gentle and understanding with your reflections. Maybe even take some pressure off the new goals. Set some goals that you look forward to and enjoy. See if you can move into your new year with more joy and enthusiasm. The more you can do this, the more you can empower each goal you set. Guide your reflections towards positive direction. You always have a choice in whether you empower or disempower yourself with your thoughts.

Be the Peace

Be The Peace this Season

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It’s that time of year for much busyness that leads to stress, but you can also take the time to “be the peace” this season. I find the holidays a stressful time for many. Whether it’s because of emotional or financial reasons, so many people struggle when dealing with the extra stress and pressures that accompany this time of year.

On top of our regular busy lives, we start shopping, decorating, and attending parties and family gatherings. Though many look forward to this fun time of celebration, we all feel the stress and added pressure of trying to get it all done.

It can be so easy to get caught up in our to-do lists and lose sight of the the present moments that call for peace and kindness. We never know the strain others may be carrying during this time of year or whom among us could use that extra smile or a helping hand. When we take the time for peace, we can be a light for others. It can be a time of giving. Not just monetarily, but with our actions.

It can be hard to enjoy the holidays when you have too much added to your schedule. I know I am already looking for ways to balance out all the to-do lists that finish up the year. One of the easiest and most do-able steps is to find time-outs each day. A time-out can be simply taking a few minutes to center ourselves or add some extra self-care to carry us through.

Now is a perfect time to schedule a massage, a day at the spa, or even just turn your technology off for an hour or two to relax and regroup. We need to add some extras to help us maintain our inner peace. The more little moments we can carve out for de-stressing, the more peaceful we can feel and the more we can give back to those around us.

It is not only important to experience peace within ourselves this time of year, it’s also important to radiate peace in our families and especially when we are out interacting with others. There are more people out and about shopping and we may need extra patience in dealing with others, whether we are shopping too or just running our everyday errands. When we can feel more peaceful, we can be more inspired to kindness within the hustle and bustle.

If you have the opportunity and abundance to give more, I’m sure there are many people and organizations in need. And what a wonderful way to spread love and peace! We do, however, forget the small moments and deposits we can make each hour of each day. Peace and kindness are also treasures to share. They can be one of the biggest gifts you give to others.

Put peace on your to-do lists. Be at peace, give peace, and demonstrate peace. It is a gift that keeps on giving.

I Wonder

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I wonder how much better we could be if we changed some of our ideas and labels when we speak. What if when we used the word “race,” we replaced it with “humanity”? What if when we address someone instead of referring to their status or class, we replaced it with “our fellow citizen”? What if instead of referring to one’s specific religion, we replaced it with their spiritual practice? I think we can honor one another in the way we speak and address others respectfully even when they may come from different places and opinions than our own.

The way we start a conversation can set the tone for how we respond to and work with one another. When we use slang and labels, we may put others on the defense, preventing further constructive communication. Whether we are looking at someone face to face or communicating via technology, we can step back and be more aware of the words we use with one another.

Although habits can be tricky to break, if we can pay attention to the energy we bring to one another, we can further a healthier humanity. You may not agree or understand where someone else is coming from, but you can civilly put some differences aside to listen to one another. We can misunderstand from our own egos. Our ego can certainly limit us from love, friendship, and opportunities when we are too stubborn with it. We all have an ego; we just don’t always take the time to notice what loops it may be running in.

Many times our differences and prejudices are learned behaviors. We don’t always question if that is the best way to interact with others. Nor do we always look at ourselves more closely to see if we are contributing to negative or harmful energy. It isn’t always easy to take a deeper look at ourselves and our habits. Just like the patience and love we can give to others, we also need to give ourselves the time and patience to work through our own biases and misunderstandings. Often our prejudices simply come from lack of experience.

Maya Angelou once said, “When you know better, you do better.” We may not always initially know better, but we are all capable of learning. Learning from one another. Learning from others’ experiences and points of view. I feel like we live in a culture that is quicker to judge than understand. Though actions may initially look cut and dry or perhaps black and white, often I find it’s only one small piece of the story. Sometimes people perform certain actions based on the best knowledge they happen to have at the time. Under their circumstances and experiences, they are moving from their life knowledge.

Currently I have a daughter who is 18. She is the at the ripe age of having some interesting observations based on her 18 years of life. She thinks anyone over 30 is old. I could easily try to argue this point with her, but like many times I’ve encountered individuals this age, I can’t give them my perspective. They may embrace it or think it’s foolish, but until they arrive at 30 will they find out if that is really old or still yet young. I love my daughter and at times have to remind myself of some of the perspectives I had at her age so that I can be more loving and forgiving toward her. What if we could also do this for one another? Outside of our families, outside of our circle of friends, outside of our communities, and outside of our comfort zones?

It isn’t always easy, and I’m sure many times I fail. But what I do know is I have the daily choice to try to choose better words and ways to communicate with her and others. This may seem like a small silly example, but we can actually apply this metaphor to the larger issues we face that are dividing us as a civilization, country, and world.

We can take some time and space to question where our labels, definitions, and judgements stem from. Were they taught? Are they based on personal experience? Are they really true? One example that comes to mind that I experience from time to time is that I get a new client who received a gift certificate to my services. At times they arrive with ideas that are scary and with a mindset that they aren’t going to like it. It can make it a little more challenging to navigate. Since I have experienced this many times, I’ve learned to take some extra time to explore why they feel this way and how we can address their feelings and needs.

Often it is because either their imagination ran into a strange place, or they simply had a bad experience with another practitioner which left them with the feeling or opinion that all practitioners in my field were the same way. I’ve been fortunate; by taking the time to work with them on their anxieties by carefully explaining more about myself and my services and giving them space to express their fears and worries, I’ve found that we come out on the other side with a positive experience. And I’ve gained a loyal client. I could address these instances in many ways including my own biases, but it certainly doesn’t appear to help me or take me far in business. I wonder how many times we do this ourselves?

In many fields and situations, whether it be personally or professionally, we come across prejudices, narrow-mindedness, and viewpoints based on others’ experiences. We have a choice whether we rise above them to create a new or better experience, or whether we meet it with our own discrimination.

Although there are times to have healthy boundaries and not accept abuse or inappropriate behavior, I find these instances very few and far between when I am more cautious with how I use my words with others and handle the situation.

I would just like to introduce an idea into your mind. What if we paid more attention to how we address others, use our words, and communicate from a positive and loving intention? I can’t promise you will always get the same results, but based on my experiences working with the public, I can say you can leverage your experience with how you choose your labels and words. In this new day and age, we certainly can take this concept into our virtual worlds of communication.

Encourage and inspire

Encourage And Inspire

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We often have opportunities to use our energy to encourage and inspire others. I find many of us stepping out on limbs to follow dreams and passions cultivated by inspiration. Whether it be from ourselves or from close friends and family, it isn’t always easy to stay the course of the journey. You encounter many twists, turns, and detours along the way. Having some cheering and encouragement may be one of the biggest things that helps us to continue to move forward.

When I left the medical field to start my first business, I was often met by doubt, fear, and worry from others. I was certainly aware of the risks and didn’t have all the answers. I felt I had to dig deep into my passion to drown out many naysayers. I can also say that you have enough of your own doubts and worries when you take leaps of faith. I find that most of us have bigger battles within ourselves. We certainly don’t need extra layers of doubt and negativity applied by others.

It took me time and experience to look back and realize when people offer fears, worries, and negative feedback, it really is driven by their own insecurities. It can help to keep your circle small. Consult and confide in people that are helpful and encouraging. There really is a line between helpful advice and discouragement. Form your own support group of go-to people to bounce your ideas off of when you need to.

I find often that people aren’t always aware that they are not offering helpful advice. We can get into fearful habits of thinking which spill over into the advice we offer others. For example, there have been times I’ve shared ideas or plans with someone and all they offered in return was a list of problems they could find or ways it could go wrong. Without any encouraging advice to add to that, they may be a negative sounding board you don’t need at that time. I know often these folks mean well, but they are also expressing from their own fears.

When we are stepping into unknown territory, we may need to choose the people we bring into our counsel more carefully. It helps to find others who have been successful in that area. Often they know what it feels like to step out and need courage. They can be great mentors and counsellors. A friend or colleague who is strong in his or her own confidence can be a great cheerleader to help us through.

I’m not saying there will not be times when you need constructive feedback and help to steer down bumpy roads, but we can also choose supportive and more suitable counsel.
And not only that; when a friend or colleague shares their ideas and dreams with us, we can take the opportunity to encourage them along the way. When someone shares their ideas, hunches, and dreams, it often comes from a vulnerable place. Having the courage to speak your dreams isn’t always easy.

Rather than being quick to judge or find fault in their idea, we can step back and encourage their inspiration. You may not understand it to begin with because it’s not your dream. We often get in the habit of giving what we may think is practical and reasonable advice. However, what may be practical and reasonable for you may not be helpful to them. We can first give them the space to express their ideas and listen attentively with an open mind. You may not think their plan is a good idea, but as a friend you may be more helpful to keep that to yourself.

Years ago I spent about 5 years counseling people in my community in how to manage their small businesses. What I learned more often than not is that no matter what kind of help or advice they were needing on any subject, they first and foremost needed support and encouragement through the steps. As long as I could offer some support and reassurance, they could better handle the challenges they were facing.

We all need encouragement. Our inspirations need safe spaces to germinate and a positive environment to come to fruition. In these endeavors that feel scary or big, it can be very helpful to be selective in who you invite to your table. When the time comes to make announcements and share with the world, you can come from a more prepared and confident place. Not only do we need this support, we certainly can be better encouragers to others.

Electrical freqeuncies

Electrical freqeuncies

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More and more of us are living in environments where we are surrounded by technology and electrical frequencies. Whether or not you subscribe to the wifi signals and technology, they are still zipping through our homes, cars, and work environments. We are exposed to many layers of noise and frequencies not seen by the naked eye.

We run our lives, homes, and appliances on these invisible frequencies. We can be affected mentally and emotionally when we don’t create some balance for ourselves. The solution can be as simple as turning off some of our technologies and going out in nature. Just taking a break from the screens and the buzzing. It can give your eyes a chance to rest and even serve as a respite from the emotions stirred up by conversations.

Did you know that going outside barefoot for a few minutes can benefit your health? Research suggests that electrons from the earth have antioxidant effects. When you are barefoot and walk directly on the earth, the earth’s electrons are conducted through your body. Many people refer to this as earthing and grounding. Some evidence has shown a direct link between earthing and a reduction in heart rates, inflammation, cortisol levels, and overall stress. .

I know I can easily lose sight of how much I use my smartphone for scheduling clients, asking questions, communicating with friends and family, and even writing and posting blogs. Though my writing is therapy, I still have to utilize technology in order to engage in it. I have learned I have to take breaks from these things.

I’ve met some people who are very sensitive to this electronic field and who become sick due to overexposure. Which leads me to question whether or not we are all at risk of overexposure to the technologies that now play such a huge role in our everyday lives. We don’t all have to study research and science to notice how we feel when we disconnect from technology and take the time to enjoy nature.

Every small step we can do to help us feel better each day aids in our overall health. And for the days we may not have ample amounts of time for a hike or doing something fun in nature, we can do little things like going outside and taking off our shoes for a bit. Taking in some fresh air and tuning into ourselves and our frequencies. It constantly amazes me what a difference a few minutes of these activities can make.

Now when you can do a little more, jump on those opportunities as well. It can be a hike, a yoga session, a day at the lake, a relaxing massage, or simply a cup of tea. Carve out some time to deflect these bombarding frequencies and energies. When I was growing up, I often played outside and spent quite a bit of time in nature. It sure helped my immune system, my mentality, and my balance in life. Now being “plugged in” seems to be the new normal and we have to remind ourselves about the health benefits of being in nature.

I know many of us in the health fields talk about the importance of balance. Initially that may feel too big to accomplish regularly, so it can be helpful to acknowledge that many little things in each day can contribute to our health and balance when we run up against time. If you can sign up for a regular class or commit to a regular action that is unplugged and helpful, that is great. I find many people not taking any time to unplug and unwind because they put too big of an expectation on themselves.

Start with small, simple, and doable things. As these small moments add up, you can feel the benefits which greatly outweigh doing nothing. At least try to spare yourself five minutes to walk in the grass barefoot. Take a deep breath and relax. Balance some of these electrical frequencies floating more and more in our spaces.

Unite together

Unite Together

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As I reflect on my desire for peace on our planet, I keep coming back to thoughts of our potential power when we unite together. Together in our sovereign rights. Regardless of what race, color, religion, or lifestyles we engage in, we are in so many ways more alike than not. We are living on this earth currently and sharing this planet with billions of people.

Together we are inhabiting our mighty earth in our galaxy. When we take our focus away from our squabbles, arguments, and fears, we can see a much bigger picture. I believe in our potential and I believe we have the possibility for peace. However, peace on earth can feel a bit big for our logical minds to understand. How can we achieve this state when we see war, strife, cruelty, and horror in the media? I think this question is currently crossing many of our minds collectively.

First, we have so many ways to focus our attention and energy. We are powerful in numbers. The more of us that can practice peace within ourselves and in our everyday lives, the more we can impact our globe in a major way, but we have to be committed to this peace. We can fall short quickly when we allow ourselves to be easily triggered in anger. This can be a challenge when you turn on the TV, radio, and Internet. We are constantly getting reminded of the worst of circumstances, which in turn challenges our place of balance and clarity.

If our news media doesn’t want to take responsibility for the energy it airs and spreads, we have to take care of what we allow in and how often. We have the power in our focus, energy, and attention. We have the opportunity to fuel as much good as possible. I believe 20 peaceful people are more powerful than one bully in the room. Remember the loudest person doesn’t have to always get his or her way. We may have bullies. We may be experiencing some negative influences. This doesn’t take away our power.

Together, united despite our differences, we can harness the biggest power known to man. When we feel triggered by our emotions, we can take a step back to see where this is coming from. Is your reaction based on personal experiences? Could it be a belief taught to you? Could it be a form of fear? I think once you can give yourself the attention to identify what is upsetting to you, you are better able to work on these triggers. As we each work on finding peace and forgiveness within ourselves, we share that energy in the world.

Inner peace may require a little work, but it’s worth asking what kind of world you wish to live in. What kind of world are we creating for our loved ones and children? How can we ask our offspring to act peacefully when we aren’t demonstrating it ourselves? I don’t expect us all to live perfectly, but we can all be working on our inner peace. We are all exuding some type of energy. We can choose whether we want to work on anger or peace.

Treating ourselves with love and respect empowers us to give that to others. Treating each other as individuals with the same respect we wish for ourselves is one of the most empowering things we can do for each other and the planet we inhabit. Rather than treating people by the labels they represent, we can remember our humanity and respect our differences. We will all have differences at some point.

How do we accomplish this? We do it each and every day by how we treat ourselves and each individual we come into contact with. Whether it be in person, on social media, or through our thoughts, we can radiate better thoughts and emotions towards one another, even when we don’t understand them. It’s hard to understand everyone else when we have only walked in our own shoes. Honoring each other’s paths and feelings can allow some light and peace to enter our interactions.

We can meditate, focus, or sit in prayer for peace and positive thoughts. It is a power we can bring into our everyday lives. Not only are we affecting ourselves, but we affect others in the world. There was a study a few years back showing that when a large group of individuals sat in meditation for peace in planned locations, they were able to measure the crime going down 71% in those areas. Imagine how much more we can do together.

I hear so many friends, family, and clients express their desires to see more peace and less crime in the world. We can be active participants. Let’s unite together and demonstrate the peace we wish to see in the world!



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Often we can feel paralyzed by fear or sadness when we are bombarded with unpleasant news reports. Living in a very informed technological world, we have to create our escapes and responses to these feelings when they are triggered or stirred up. When we can’t turn off the noise and retreat to quiet environments, we can find helpful ways to channel this energy more healthily.

I find that the little moments in my day helping those I come into contact with gives me an empowering feeling. I may not be able to donate a large sum of money to those in need. I may not be able to instantly jump on a plane and give my presence to desperate situations. What I can do, however, is many small loving things every day. We forget that we each make a difference. We are the helpers to those in our environments.

If you are in a store, you may spot someone struggling with something you could help them with. You can practice patience with a slow driver or co-worker. You may be able to buy a cup of coffee for someone short on money. You can practice kindness with how you interact with people in today’s digital world. We can be quick to jump to opinions and judgements when you aren’t looking them directly in the eye.

Perhaps helping is sending someone loving thoughts or encouraging words. When you help uplift others, you help create a more uplifting world. You can donate small amounts of time or money to causes close to your heart. If you see litter, you can help pick it up. You can truly do things anywhere on the scale and still make a difference. Many times a small gesture in someone’s day makes things a little easier on them. Every helpful thing we can do contributes to collective energy. This fuels better circumstances.

Sometimes I hear people lose interest in helping others because they don’t get a big reaction or recognition in that instant. At times it may take a little practice and patience to understand the process. When you show someone that isn’t used to kindness some love and kindness, they very well may not react the way you would like them to or think they should.

I’m sure we all come across people from time to time that may not have had the pleasure of growing up in loving environments. They may not be projecting helpful examples. Does that mean you can’t be an example? We can be quick to correct someone rather than understand they have not experienced kindness and love.

We can show kindness by planting a seed. A seed they can reflect on later. A seed that might inspire them to pass that goodness onto another. The same way understandings don’t always come to us in an instant, it may take someone some time to digest love and kindness. You don’t always have to understand someone to be kind and helpful.

We can help by not only by doing helpful acts, but by teaching them as well. The way we treat ourselves and those we come into contact with can help inspire kind acts of change figuratively and literally. We don’t have to feel helpless when it comes down to it. We may not always have the power to respond to all the crises we hear about in news reports, but we can be powerful everyday. The more people that demonstrate love and kindness in their daily lives, the more help we spread to the world. We can do so much more when we help one another.

The definition of help is to make something easier for someone or to do something by offering one’s services or resources. To give a helping hand, assist, or come to the aid of someone. So in any moment you are helping by contributing more positively and more lovingly.

When we feel stressed or paralyzed, we can step back and ask “How can we contribute better: by fearing, or by helping?” Even if you can’t directly help a situation that you feel emotionally impacted by, you can send some loving thoughts and envision a better frequency. Our thoughts have power. Rather than getting triggered towards anger, we can practice more helpful thoughts. Even if it takes a little practice and isn’t our first instinct. We can notice and choose to practice more loving thoughts.

Regardless of what is going on in our world, we can consciously choose to be helpers. When you can help in big ways, it’s an even bigger yay! I want to remind you, though, that it’s not just the big things that make a difference. Big or small, help is always important.

The answer

The Answer

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When you feel helpless and don’t know what to do… love is the answer
When you feel angry, anxious, and frustrated…. love is the answer
When you see bad things happening in the world… love is the answer
When tragedy strikes… love is the answer
When you feel sick, tired, and worn down… love is the answer
When life feels too much and you wonder why we are here… love is the answer
When you feel like giving up and losing hope… love is the answer
When you feel lost and full of grief… love is the answer
When you feel scared, confused, and looking for direction… love is the answer
When you are overwhelmed and bombarded by negativity… love is the answer
When you’ve lost your footing or sense of balance… love is the answer
When you’ve lost your smile and sense of wonder… love is the answer
When you’ve lost your passion and drive… love is the answer
Love is always the answer. Love for yourself. Love for your fellow beings. Love for the earth. Love for the universe. Love for the plants. Love for the animals.
In everything you feel, hear, and see, lead with love. Love is the answer.

Open mind

Open Mind

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There’s an old saying that I have heard over the years, and it goes like this: “Minds are like parachutes. To work, they need to be open.” I have always tried to remind myself of this little tidbit over the years when I come across new information. We have been living in the Information Age for a while now and often find ourselves being introduced to new information.

Although we frequently hear it said that “Knowledge is power,” it can also be overwhelming and tricky to decipher. The hardest part is knowing what needs our attention and what doesn’t, which is difficult when information is being forced upon us from all angles. It helps to prioritize and to know exactly what it is you’re looking for. It’s also important to exercise good judgement and critical thinking. When I research things, I find points from both sides of the coin and facts that support more than one side of every story. In my experience as a consumer of information, I’ve learned that the two most powerful strategies we have are keeping an open mind and trusting our intuition.

When you come across facts that contradict themselves or find evidence that fits more than one puzzle, you really have to rely on what you resonate with. Just because information is something you haven’t heard before doesn’t mean it’s false.

Often when we hear information that is beyond our education or experience, we tend to dismiss it and deny its existence. We don’t always allow space for things we haven’t learned or been exposed to. When we close our minds to new ideas we may miss very relevant or helpful information. The mind is such a powerful tool. We can use it to help us—or to shut out opportunities.

There is much we simply do not know. It appears to be impossible to learn everything we need to in our culture and education. Especially with technology and science advancing so quickly. As things progress and advance, we learn things we didn’t know before and many times we prove the things we thought were true actually aren’t. So if you are stubborn with your facts, knowledge, and information, you may very well be misinforming yourself.

Our brains are designed to download information into our subconscious. So it can be very difficult to learn and unlearn new things. However, when you can keep an open mind when you come across information that changes or challenges what you know (before your first instinct kicks in to deny or argue against it), you allow room for more understanding.

I find myself exposed to quite a bit of new information every day. It does challenge what I know so far in this game, but if I don’t approach it with an open mind, I miss out on newer and better things on the horizon. Not all new things are necessarily better for us, but without being open to weighing the options, we miss out altogether on ideas that may help us better our lives.

I find often when browsing social media that it seems we are quick to argue with another rather than first fully listen. Then there may be an opportunity to learn or look further into it. Once we have given respectful attention to a subject that may be important for us, we can share our perspective and understanding. I feel if we can approach our conversations and interactions with an open mind, we can come to understand one another better. We may not always agree on every subject, but you can allow love and growth in.

Sharing is caring. Just because you have been introduced to information you haven’t encountered before does not make it right or wrong. The first step is discovering a bit more. Perhaps the information is something you know very little about. Or maybe there have been better advancements and understandings since you’ve studied and learned it. It could even be a lack of experience from your own perspective. No matter the reason, it may be helpful to remember that none of us know it all.

Since life is in constant motion and always changing, our information and technology will most likely change as well. I think it’s our human nature to be innovative and strive for better results and findings. For us to move forward and progress as well, the first step is opening our minds!



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Imagine you are sitting in front of a calm, peaceful stream. You are surrounded by nature and all its stunning beauty. The warmth of the sun shining down upon your face. The smell of fresh air penetrating your lungs. You can see the vibrant colors of the flowers and trees. No noise from traffic or the city. No phones ringing and buzzing. Just you and these tranquil surroundings.

You pick up a rock and skip it across the river and watch the ripples multiply as it expands. Taking in this marvelous and peaceful flow. You can appreciate how one small rock creates this change in movement. The juxtaposition between stillness and flow. Imagine feeling peace, calm, and tranquility. How often do you feel harmony throughout your day?

In our river of consciousness, our thoughts, feelings, and words are stones causing a ripple effect in our lives. We don’t always pay attention to the power of our stones we are tossing in. When we aren’t intentional with our thoughts, words, and deeds, we may have created negative habits that are rippling in an unpleasant direction. We notice them daily, but not how we may have contributed to that energy and momentum. Our thoughts, words, and actions are powerful stones.

When we can slow down our busy thoughts, actions, and noise, we can experience the present like tossing the stone across the river in nature. We can be more intentional and mindful of our choices. We can get caught up too often in our distractions of our busy lives missing our ripples.

It can be very beneficial to find a few moments in your day to experience some quiet moments and stillness. A disconnect from the frequency waves of stress and worry. A moment to take a few deep breaths and connect with the river of stillness within. This small amount of time can help you aim towards more harmony to infuse in your daily life.

We often wait until we have days off or a vacation before we immerse in what makes us feel tranquil. We don’t always have large windows everyday for what we may consider relaxing. We can steal moments to inject ripples of peace and joy into every day. Often it’s the small moments that make the big impacts when we create a little space for them.

The simple act of finding a few quiet moments somewhere in your day can manifest a ripple effect to penetrate your louder, busier times. Intentionally incorporating some harmony can carry you through your day more joyfully. It can buy you some space to notice how you are using your thoughts, words, and actions and give you some tools to calm down the chaos in your life. In this space, you have the opportunity to choose what stones you want to ripple in your life. Gaining the clarity of what you choose to say along with directing your thinking more, you will directly affect the kind of experiences you prefer to have.

The more you can choose your thoughts and words with awareness, the more you empower the captain in your life—which is YOU! We can give too much of our power away outside ourselves. We give it away to expectations of others. We give it away when we don’t tend to our emotions. And we certainly give it away when we allow too much noise from others and from social media that moves us away from our inner selves.

I encourage you to empower your stones that ripple through your life. When you choose little stones of peace, calmness, happiness, and joy, you ripple those into greater amounts in your life. Those small ripples turn into large ones expanding into the world. Be mindful of your stones and ripples. We are all contributing individually and collectively. We are aren’t only navigating our lives, but we are planting seeds and painting our world together!