Our minds

We often give technology more credit than we do the capabilities of our magical minds. Just like a computer downloads and stores information, so does our mind—but we have much more than a hard drive. Our mind may take us a few years to store science and advanced studies, but it may only take a second to download the information that you can burn yourself touching a hot surface. We are multifaceted in many ways.

It can take a computer programmer a period of time to download information, but we can’t teach a computer the powers we have like creativity, innovation, imagination, ideas, and visualizing. We forget how magnificently and capably we are made. The abilities and possibilities of what we can do are endless.

We continue to evolve, expand, and grow. Not only each of us, but collectively as a whole. We often get lost in our everyday tasks, focusing on our activities,, our responsibilities, and too often our problems. We forget the power we have in what we do with our minds. Where we focus our thoughts, emotions, ideas, and capabilities.

You were born with ingenuity. Creativity. Conjuring ideas and possibilities. Have you ever paid attention, when things are down to the wire, to the miracles you have performed in your life? I think when we can stop and take notice of things we didn’t think were possible turned into reality, we can let go of some of those strongholds of disbelief. You don’t have to have everything figured out to believe in what is possible. If that were the case, we certainly wouldn’t be on the internet or using smartphones.

It seems with our technological advancements we are just now understanding more of what the brain is capable of and how the mind functions.. We are learning that consciousness can’t quite be measured and that awareness exists outside of the brain. We are truly opening up to more ways we can work with our beautiful and creative minds. It seems amazing to me that, in addition to our talents and gifts, we may be competent at even more!

When we take the time to nourish and care for our thoughts and mind, we also enhance our abilities. We often forget how inventive and resourceful we are made to be. Our genius is within us all. Don’t discredit yourself for not knowing it all. No computer does, and man has to download it to begin with. The more you can appreciate and recognize your greatness, the more you empower what is possible!

Our minds are one of the greatest values and assets we have to help with our health, body, and soul. The more we can treasure and respect it, the more knowledge we can gain and the higher we can soar together. Be open to learning new things. Understand there is always more to know. The less we close our minds, the more possibilities we open ourselves up to. The more we open ourselves up to the possible, the less we limit our potential.

I encourage you to be open and keep unlocking your potential. The sky is not the limit. Only your mind is. You don’t have to keep it locked up or grounded. You just have to first believe. I used to have a bad habit of saying we all have our limits. Now I understand that I am the only one who sets those limits. To set any boundaries restricts what we can do. Take off your constraints and allow your mind to keep expanding. You may be pleasantly surprised at how far you can go!