We all run into problems from time to time. From small daily things to big unexpected events. The choice we have is in how we deal with our problems. Usually our first instinct to problems is resistance. It is something happening that we didn’t want or plan for. Often we fall into poor habits of thinking when we encounter problems.

Rather than focusing on solutions and opportunities, we may have created a habit of worrying and overanalyzing. We spend too much time focusing on the problems, and that habit creates more problems. We aren’t always taught to step back and look for the opportunities in the change or situation. We may have created our first instinct to think of worst-case scenarios and agonize over what could happen or go wrong.

When we tune into these thoughts and vibrations, we are actually attracting more negative outcomes with our stress and worry. Think of it like a domino effect. Once you knock the first one down, the rest follow after. Or there is an old saying that “birds of a feather flock together.” Your thoughts react very similarly. It’s like a chain effect. Once you are thinking positively or negatively, the next thought generally follows suit.

Now, you can turn negative worrisome thoughts around, but it may take a little practice and trickery to turn that momentum around. You may have to start slow to look for the positives in the situation. If you slow the focus down on the problem or the negativity, you can allow some space for other thoughts and feelings to come in. You may have to look for the silver lining. If you can find any good points to start with, you can turn the worry and troubling thoughts around by focusing on one good thought at a time. If you can get a few going, you can start the domino effect going in your favor.

It’s done by training your mind and subconscious to start looking at things more positively. When you can look for the positive points more often, you will create those habits of thinking. You don’t have to jump to stress and worry when a problem arises. The more you can practice, the stronger your abilities get. No one can promise you that situations and problems won’t pop up, but you can learn new and better ways to cope and deal with them.

Isn’t it nice to know that you can experience problems without things getting worse? It’s more about the forces you choose to add to your momentum of thinking. Learning to see the positive aspects instead of seeing everything that can go wrong can be a more empowering way to use your imagination. Utilize your gifts of thought in your favor. When you understand how powerful your thoughts really are, you can move them around in support of you.

Your mind generally leads you in one direction or another. The opposite of problems is assistance, help, benefit, peace, opening, or a good situation. The opposite of worry is calmness, cheer, certainty, pleasure, trust and reassurance. So you always have an option in which direction you are leading your thoughts. You can guide them towards more worrisome and problematic thoughts, or you can practice more regularly the more calm and reassuring thoughts.

I have found that I deal with my problems so much better and more clearly when I can take a little time to feel reassured. I have to build that trust and guidance from within. Often the answers we need are within ourselves. When we burden ourselves with the problems and worry, we can’t see a better solution awaiting.

The next time you start to notice and experience a problem, acknowledge your feelings and emotions surrounding it. See if you can find some positive things to focus on until you feel more centered and comforted. Once you can gain this perspective, you can allow more solutions in these opportunities. You may even surprise yourself and find a better direction. Many times problems that pop up are a blessing towards a better journey than we had originally planned.