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Maintaining your peace and Joy this season

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I write this blog in dedication to each of you, including myself. It is the holiday season, and at a time for joy and celebration, there also seems to be an underlying chaos and stress that lurks amongst us. I find that there are more agendas, deadlines, and schedules to juggle. I think we all feel this pressure as we also endeavor to enjoy the season. I ponder how to create some space for myself and imagine so many of us looking for peace through the gatherings, cooking, decorating, buying gifts, and finishing out the year. For as much joy as the season can bring, it seems to take that much more work and energy just to create a festive atmosphere for our friends and family. There seems to be more get togethers and office parties in honor of the season.
Mixed emotions between family and loved ones can distract us into worry as well. Each year, I am learning to take simpler and slower steps to create a balance. Without creating some space for yourself during this season, it is very easy to over-obligate yourself and take on tasks that can suck the joy out of the season. I encourage you to honor yourself and think about all those yes’s before giving a commitment. As much as we would like to make each and every holiday gathering, all the while making pretty bows for each gift, and filling out endless holiday greeting cards, if we overextend ourselves trying to create the perfect holiday or not disappointing others, we can easily begin to spiral into tension and stress and forget the purpose that the season means to each one of us. Take some time to look at your schedules, your to do lists, and your shopping lists to ask yourself what is really necessary. Are you able to experience joy while you do them? Or are you actually trying to live up to a “standard” that you think is expected of you? These are important questions to ask. Eliminate unnecessary busyness and focus more on what is important. Sometimes cutting back and simplifying not only takes pressure off yourself but your loved ones around you, too. Again when you honor and take care of your happiness, you are giving that gift to those around you as well. Being that example can empower your loved ones into knowing that it is okay to do the same for themselves.
What do you want for your loved ones? I want my loved ones to have joy, peace, and love in all they do this season. I would much rather do without gifts or holiday trimmings if it is going to cause stress and heartache to the ones that l love. The only gift I would like to receive this year is to know they are experiencing joy and happiness for themselves. The more we experience that, the more we are able to give. We can give via inspiration and love rather than obligations. Remember the reasons we celebrate. Prioritize what is important to you and let the rest go. Enjoy your family and the season. Go get a massage, a pedicure, or treat yourself to a simple gift of relaxation. By creating time to be good to yourself, you create the space for giving and receiving peace. As Gandhi said, “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” What we want in our lives starts with us. We receive what we vibrate. Another favorite example is the reminder from Dr. Wayne Dyer: “You don’t attract what you want; You attract what you are”.
Be at peace this season. Create your joy. Everything else will fall into its place. If it doesn’t, it probably wasn’t needed to begin with.