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Time for a pause

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Time for a pause.

How are you feeling in this moment?
Are you breathing with ease?
Are you focused on the positivity in each moment?
It’s good to check in with yourself. Noticing how we feel in each moment slows us down to give us the opportunity to fine tune. Our small adjustments along the way is how major shifting can occur in life. To have a more balanced and less stress-paced life starts with simple steps, and every step helps you along to a joyful path.
Just a reminder – take it easy on yourself. It helps if you can take a fun or light approach. Being happy should not be work or something you “have to get done”. It is not a checklist. It is taking small moments for yourself throughout the day so you are in the driver’s seat. On very busy days, check in as much as possible to see how you’re feeling and breathing. Even if you have to go to the bathroom, lock the door, sit down and take 30 long breaths. No one knows whether you are using the restroom or not. Of course, you don’t have to use the restroom for personal time, but I know many of you out there (because I used to be one) that can not find much quiet time to yourself. That is why initially you may need to be creative. This is where you can have fun and giggle. Nothing is more important than centering yourself so you can better deal with your emotions, your family, your job, and your co-workers. Look for as many positive aspects in your day that you possibly can. End the day with noticing all the things that went right. Were there any surprises that things worked out better than you planned? It’s noticing these things that raise your vibrations and attract more happy moments.
It is important to remember that you do have a choice in how you create your life. You are more than just an observer. When you realize how much power you really have, your small choices in everyday moments can yield to you much happier events and circumstances. I found it was worth a try, and now I really appreciate the lighter, happier lifestyle I have. I do not have to worry about so many things. I can take it easy more often. I can love and appreciate myself no matter what image is looking back from the mirror. I’ve learned it is worth my time to more consistently go with the flow. When I trust that the universe is working out in my favor, lo and behold, it does. These days when something unpleasant sneaks up, I am learning to look at it through a different lens. I’ll address that more in the next blog, but you can rise up and change your vibration around things that aren’t so pleasing. It goes back to the simple step of tuning in, taking a deep breath and seeing it from another angle. It’s not rocket science, and if I can do it then so can you, my friend. Take more pauses, trust yourself, and let joy unfold.
This is only one process.
I have many more ideas for you…
Soon I will be asking what you’re doing for yourself just for fun. If your not doing much, it may be time for your joy adjustment.

Focusing on a happy new year

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As we wind up another year, many of us start to focus on the upcoming year for a fresh start and resolutions. It is easy to get motivated initially, but then it seems that, slowly, our plans dwindle to the way side. This year I have decided to keep with the themes I’ve addressed in my blogs and keep it simple. Instead of setting goals or intentions for the entire year of what I’d like to see or accomplish, I’m approaching the new year with a mindset of daily focus. Rather than look so far into the future and overshooting the immediate concerns, I am taking time in the mornings to center myself and set an idea for the day. We have great leverage in how we use our thoughts and focus. So this year instead of giving my power away to observing circumstances or sabotaging myself, I’m learning to be a more deliberate creator with my time. I set the day with positive momentum and gratitude instead of reacting to “what is”. We can still be happy and joyful regardless of the circumstances we see. I’ve found a powerful way to change the things we do not want is to change our reaction and vibration towards it. The simplest ways I can find to change the energy is to keep it simple on a daily basis. To be more present in the moment slows our momentum down enough to shift those vibrations. Just by keeping the intention of smaller focus points seems to move everything faster toward a more joyous and happy day. The more enjoyable days that I experience starts to turn into the joyful lifestyle that I set out for on this journey. In the end what we want the most is to be happy. It is no coincidence that when we are happy, our circumstances seemingly become better.
Our perceptions shift the energy towards our dreams.
It may not always appear to be this way, but the universe does conspire in our favor. When we focus on how we feel and not get so wrapped up in other people’s thoughts and expectations, we experience freedom, joy, and peace. We do not have power over other people’s opinions anyway. That is on them.
Rather than using our energy in such a negative way, let’s free all that energy and use it to be present and peaceful in our own lives. It is not only empowering to let ourselves off the hook, but it is life giving to others when they know you are not offering your opinions and approval – aka judgement – on their lives.
Life offers us a delicious buffet in which to live. Enjoy your own choices while allowing others to choose what suits them. I encourage you to give yourself the time each day in your focus and intentions to find your perfect preference. Keep it simple and find the joyful aspects as much as possible. Watch how that keeps you on track for a happy day, and how happy days slowly turn into a happy year, and then happy years turns into a more joyful life.
On that note, I would like to wish each and everyone of you a very happy and healthy new year.