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Celebrate your life everyday

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Do you save up and wait for special occasions to celebrate? I have to call myself on this one sometimes. I catch myself holding on to that good bottle of wine or favorite bath product for a special occasion. My family called me out recently on categorizing every day drinking wine to special occasion wine.  What am I saving it for?  

The tomorrow that may or may not come?  

I think we forget that each day is a gift and a new time to create. We get so caught up in everyday routines that we forget to celebrate without a holiday or a reason. Again, what we focus on and turn our attention/energy to is what will expand. So, are we expanding the miracle of waking up each day? Or are we contracting that miracle by dreading the chores and responsibilities of daily life? I think it’s good to pause as much as possible and take note of where our focus is. The more we celebrate things (aka be grateful for), the more we attract things to celebrate. Every day is a gift of life, regardless of the things going on. Take the time to do something each day that maybe you would only do on a marked or special occasion. It can be small or big. It doesn’t matter. 

It’s your life, and you should be happy.  

    What things can you do that bring a smile to your face? Have fun, make a list, create a vision board, or just open that good bottle of wine. Life is supposed to be good to you. Make your favorite dinner. Pack your loved ones a lunch and put in a surprise note and chocolate treat. Remember the little kind things you do for yourself and others come back to you. Not only do you put a smile on their face, but you will feel it as well. It’s celebrating everyday. Do we need a birthday to do a kind act for ourselves and friends? When you treat your life as a holiday everyday, you create the space for others to feel the same. What makes you happy that you often put off for that special,occasion? 

The more you celebrate yourself, the more kind you are to others, and the more inspiration you receive to do the same for others. You’ve got to put gas in your own tank to help others. Practice doing something for 30 days straight every day and keep a journal or log on how these things go. 

See where it takes you. 

I bet you’ll extend those kind acts to others. Have you ever surprised a friend with a gift basket for no special occasion or bought a stranger a coffee? Have you ever felt the need to pay anonymously for someone’s dinner? Have you left a big tip for a server? The things we extend to others is not only what we attract back, but what makes the world a better place. 

    When we come from love, compassion, and the understanding that we all have different paths and perspectives, we can create a space for acceptance of each other. We can be more gentle with each other. We can heal ourselves, each other and our planet all by celebrating each day as a gift. I encourage you to to 30 days of random acts of kindness. It doesn’t matter if it’s to you or others. It’s just an uplifting focus to show you how powerful you are in how you create your life.  

Celebrate your life. Your life is a gift. To yourself, and to others.