So many times in our life we find ourselves back inside a learning curve, whether it be learning a new medium, adjusting to a change in career, figuring out evolving technologies, or simply navigating change. Life seems to be designed to keep moving and certainly promises changes. If we can understand the concept of life constantly moving, we can also accept a little ebb and flow in our lives. If we can be open to the changes, we can open ourselves for better learning and growing in a positive way.

Many times we find ourselves experiencing sudden life changes due to unforeseen circumstances. Initially they may appear to be things we’d rather not want to move through. It can easily align us with a resisting perspective. Change isn’t always the easiest for us when we were comfortable with how things used to be. Even further, we may be more resistant to the thoughts and fears of the unknown. It’s common among many of us to be a little afraid of change.

We can still move forward even without knowing the outcome by letting go of some resistance. We can start by being more open-minded to changes and curves. We often have opportunities for learning in life. When we are fighting change, we close ourselves off to more possibilities. To move forward with more grace and ease, it can be helpful to let go of our stubbornness.

We often act stubbornly when we feel vulnerable. Operating from stubbornness can close us off to learning and understanding. We can miss a lot of growth when we are caught up in our heads (egos) with stubbornness rather than being open to what we can learn from others and our universe around us.

To learn often requires seeing and understanding from another perspective. Our egos can feel a little bruised when we struggle while learning. This can create resistance and a lack of understanding.

I’ve found learning to be a more powerful experience when I can be open and truly listen rather than battle with what my ego thinks it knows. I think we do this often inside our minds more than we would like to admit or consider. Learning really requires loosening up from what we already know. Not knowing makes many of us feel vulnerable.

Being open when we feel vulnerable can provide us with an opportunity to tap into our own superpowers. We have the ability to tap into our own wonderful creative energy and guidance from within when we allow ourselves to tune in as we move through unexpected circumstances.

Life provides an enormous number of opportunities to view things from a variety of perspectives. Whether we choose to see them differently is up to us. Learning doesn’t have to scare us so much. We can see it as an opportunity to receive more helpful tools.

Learning can empower and enrich our lives. We can allow more openness for perspectives other than our own. When we are open with ourselves we can hold that healthy space for others. As the universe inevitably expands and grows, so can we. And even when the changes are unexpected, we can approach them with joy rather than fear.

Learning can not only take you many new places, but help you find more peace and understanding. When you feel change coming, try to be more open and receptive to allow learning into your experience. What we learn can boost and enhance our lives!