Taking Time for Yourself 

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Do you have a little time each day that you spend on yourself? A distraction from the busyness or stresses in life? We are very connected to our technology and media outside of our daily schedules and responsibilites. It takes very little effort to create some space for your mind to utilize it’s rest and imagination. When you take a little time in the mornings, a break in the day, or winding down for the day, you can connect deeper with yourself and experience more calmness. This can lead to more of ease with yourself and your family. The more ease you experience with your self spills out onto those around you.
     It helps to look at it as peaceful time you need for yourself and less of a chore. At first new habits can seem a bit daunting when you see what little time you may set aside for yourself, but it can also highlight the drastic need for a bit more self time. If you think about your cars, homes, and things you own, Most people wouldn’t think twice about the maintenance of their cars and homes to make them last and work more efficiently. But I’m always surprised when working with clients the guilt people put upon themselves for taking more time and care of themselves. Just like our things, we can run more efficiently and smooth when we regularly deposit into ourselves.
     I’m sure that is a logical enough of a reason, but a question I’m often asked is how can you actually apply it to a busy life. Is it possible to balance it all. I believe you can, but may take some rearranging or repriortizing a bit.

A bit of creative scheduling. Small steps are a good starting point when it seems impossible to create more time for yourself. It is a commitment to yourself and may require a bit more organizing of your time.
     This can really help organize and set boundaries not only for the new space you are designating to yourself, but it will also help create boundaries for not giving more of your time to the tasks scheduled.  
For example, let’s say you have blocked a certain amount of time going into a daily routine such as dinner, clean up, or even a tv show at the end of the day. Could you set a specific amount of time to the tasks, and walk away even if could use a little more time? I think we could all continue any one task, but then we get nothing else done.
     I’ve found at times I have had to say no to things I want to do, because I don’t have enough time to do it all. So I have to prioritize the most important things and then trickle down. I actually get so much more done by doing this little exercise. I have not only the time I set aside for my writing and hobbies, but I also haven’t neglected my work, family, and home responsibilities. I may not have got everything done, but I have done as much as I can productively do in a day. I find often, I have put things on my list that are either unrealistic or not as important as my brain would like to tell me “I needed to get done”. A common game I find we play with ourselves. We plan on doing more for ourselves when “we have the time” that never seems to reveal itself. So you really have to schedule that appointment of time with yourself.
     Think of it like a doctor apt. You will arrange your schedule around someone’s else’s, perhaps you could treat your own time as important. It can be definitely worth the investment when it gives you more peace and clarity on a daily basis. I’ve often found it also helpful to reward yourself along the way. When you can accomplish much on your daily list along with time for yourself, you will begin to see the possibilities of your goals.
     The fun part is you get to start paying attention to the things you enjoy or have always wanted to do. Perhaps it’s a bit more art, reading, writing, cooking, learning a new skill, or even something as small as coloring for 20 min. The time set aside does not need to be a huge gap. Just 30 minutes to an hour. Whatever works best for you. Since the time passes with the daily chores anyway, consider penciling yourself in too. I encourage you to try it for a month. See what changes. Start a journal of the process. Notice your happiness level on the days you’re able to spend the time with yourself doing more of what brings you joy, peace, or clarity.

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