The timing in the universe can be a very challenging experience. When you put a question, desire, or prayer out into the universe, we often do not get the results or solution the same day. We may receive some signs and guidance, but we can get tied up in the length of time it takes and either block or fail to notice the opportunities flowing our way.

It’s good to take your mind off the situation for a little bit. Once you have expressed your desire or intentions and put some faith behind the visualization, it’s beneficial to redirect some focus in a positive way. When you sit around and worry about the fact that it hasn’t come yet or why it’s not happening fast enough, you end up causing yourself more stress and worry that get in the way of your blessings. It’s a bit like reversing your trust and faith.

Many times, much is working on our behalf behind the scenes. It can take some time to line up the people, events, and situations that move your towards your goals and answers. When we get too impatient on the process or outcome or frustrated with the timing, we use our time and energy more negatively. We are not helping our goals very constructively.

There is timing and rhythm in everything in life. When we can be patient and trusting, and move with the rhythm, we can receive more powerful results working in our favor. If you find yourself overwhelmed, worked up, or frustrated over receiving an outcome, it’s a good time for refocus or a break in general. When we try to force an answer or outcome before the timing is right, we we are not allowing the most powerful outcomes. It may feel easier to get frustrated if you’ve practiced that habit often, but I’m encouraging you for a more powerful outcome. Let the forces and universal powers assist you with better outcomes than you could imagine.

Timing in all things allows you a buffer to play with. You could use the power of positive emotions and feelings to attract and receive what is in harmony and alignment with your answers and desires. I’ve learned often in life we are taught to focus and worry much on our problems, and preparation for the disasters more than how to be patient, trusting, and how to use our strengths to receive.

You can limit your energy by using it only on what you try to force and be impatient with, or you can receive higher vibes with trusting, opening, and often going with the flow. There is a difference between inspired action and forced action. In my business and educational experience, I noticed more of my culture teaching the latter, so I’m learning a more powerful, joyful, and inspired way to move. Instead of attempting to swim against the currents like I was taught, I’m learning how to float more powerfully. You move faster floating with a water current than you do swimming uphill against one. That is how the difference of inspired versus forced action feels to me. And I’m lucky to have stumbled across some good teachers along the way.

The next time you feel worry, stress, and frustration over the timing of things, slow down and be aware of how you can be more beneficial to yourself and go with the flow as things are lining up behind the scenes. I believe you can enhance your journey and spend less stress and worry and allow the beautiful rhythms in life. Timing can be your best ally. You just may need to give it some trust and a chance to work its magic.