Connecting To Nature

Connecting to nature

Living in today’s world, we get very plugged into our technology and often do not notice ourselves getting out of balance until something major gets our attention. It’s not just our technology, but our stressful lifestyles and addictions to busyness as well. Often in our culture, I notice that we wear our busyness like a badge of honor. All the while our “selves,” time with family, and rest suffer and get chipped away over time.

I think as people deal with unexpected or inconvenient issues such as illness, unhappiness, and stressful jobs, we are becoming more aware as a society.. We seem to have more advancements, more options, and more education than we ever have before, but we are getting sicker, more tired, and more stressed than ever before as well.

The good news is that I believe we can balance so much more than we do. It may require some awareness and action, but the opportunity is there. Some of our technological advances can be helpful to you as well. It can buy you some time and space for the boundaries to balance. It is an invitation, but you have to accept.

I first encourage you to let a few of these advances work in your favor. We have the option today to set many boundaries to unplug a bit more each day. We have voicemails, message alerts, and ways to manage us being away more than the need to be plugged in all the time. Years ago, before voicemail and answering machines, we had busy signals. When we called someone and reached a busy signal, you had to try again later or wait until we saw the person again. You now have many more options at your disposal to use.

Nowadays, we can screen some calls and set up messages for our family, friends, and colleagues to set some boundaries for ourselves. The problem is not setting any. In case you haven’t reminded yourself lately, you do not have to be available 24 hours a day to everyone. And when you get your messages you can return them when you are ready.

Introduce some balance in your life by setting some boundaries between yourself and the overstimulation and connection to everyone you know. One of the easiest and quickest ways I receive more balance is going outside and connecting with nature. Connecting with nature, connects us within.

Walking barefoot in the grass, lying under a tree, feeling the sun hit your skin, planting seeds or flowers in the ground, listening to the birds, or simply sitting outside taking deep breaths of fresh air all raise your vibrations. The more we tune into nature, the more we increase our own frequencies.

I’ve heard some people use a popular term “earthing” to connect to the ground and nature. Basically my understanding is it’s done simply by walking around anywhere outside barefooted. All I know is that I have been doing it since I was a kid and it has always balanced me.

I am more in tune, intuitive, and inspired when I take the time to be in nature and connect. I write often outside and become generally more productive. Some of my best ideas and clarity come from relaxing outside. I often tell my family I am solar powered. I have to recharge outside in order to function in the world.

You are not just connecting with your own spirit, but you are connecting with the whole. When you can connect with the whole, you are more powerful and tapping into infinite intelligence.

Connect more and unplug more. You are not only doing it for yourself, but you are doing it for the whole world around you. Allow yourself connection with your center. Nature has a beautiful way of helping us do that when you take the time.