Everything Happens For A Reason

Everything happens for a reason

I was reminded today that everything happens for a reason. So many times in my life I have been on a new journey or course when life hijacked the journey and changed the course. Like your gps taking a different route that you did not intend to go, you still can arrive at your destination.

We can get so caught up in our egos and refuse to see that there’s a better course laid out ahead. Often it doesn’t make sense and we may initially think it’s either a no or isn’t going to work out. What I have come to learn after time and time again is that it is just a reroute for a better direction. Sometimes we intend on walking in a direction and it often doesn’t turn out the way we may have pictured it.

The journey is always unfolding ahead. If we can let go of the reins of how our brain thinks it has to go, we open up this marvelous space for beautiful opportunities to show up. The people we need to assist us on our journeys show up when they are needed. Often not before. We can stop ourselves from forward progress because our “game plan” isn’t unfolding the way we think it should go. Or I find often we delay beginning the journey because all the people and pieces aren’t yet in place. We can start and say yes to move forward without truly knowing how it will all unfold. Scary maybe, but it is the starting point.

That is where the beauty, excitement, and surprises get to come in. If I always knew what I was doing when I started any new project or journey, it would have probably lost its inspiration. If I had waited until I was sure I knew what I was doing, I could just bet you I probably never would have started. Many things I have accomplished or journeyed through in life started with an idea or an inspiration. Although I was sure my intuition was onto something, I truly did not know what I was doing. That is where the excitement came in for me.

It’s the unfolding and yearning to learn. I get to open up like a sponge and see where it takes me. Even with an end goal in mind per se, it always unfolds different than expected. Usually better than I could have planned. When I had my child, I certainly did not know what I was doing. Ask many parents how much trial and error they experience along the way. When I decided to leave my stable career in nursing and start a business, I certainly was not fully prepared. If I waited until I was sure it was all in place, I’m sure I would not have taken the leaps. Even mustering the courage to start publishing my writing to the public was extremely scary, but if I didn’t start somewhere unsure and knees knocking, I would still be torturing myself with my ideas and dreams.

It’s okay when your journey takes you down new halls or corners unplanned. Rather than seeing them as obstacles or failures, try to see them as opportunities and blessings to enable those dreams. The energy set forth with intention needs space for leverage to work on your behalf. When you can ask yourself what is happening for you rather than what is happening to you, you change your resistance into allowing. That allowing is the invisible creative energy opening doors for you. Hold your visions and be in anticipation for good things working in your favor. It takes some trust, but it’s worth the reward of your patience. Sometimes the biggest thing you can tell yourself in the meantime when things are taking a turn is that everything happens for a reason. Over time, you can see what those reasons are. I find often pleasantly things always happen for a reason. They are happening for you.