Life is The Adventure

Life is the adventure

I remember as a kid, the excitement of contemplating or going on an adventure. Perhaps as an adult, you also crave adventure. To me an adventure is the exploration of unknown territory. The fun and excitement come from not knowing what all you will see, experience, do, or feel. You may have a destination, route, or idea of where you are going, but the adventure is not mapped out each step.

An adventure has twists, turns, ups and downs. It may have obstacles, unexpected surprises, and changed perspectives from the experience. It’s where our stories come from. Life experienced. And, LIFE IS THE ADVENTURE!

I think we can get caught up in our heads about how we expect the details of our life to unfold and rob ourselves of the curiosity of the adventure. When we look at life through the lens of excitement, enthusiasm, eagerness, and anticipation we get out of our own way and into possibilities instead of killing it with standards, doubts, worry and expectation.

When we can let go of how things should go and allow the trails to light up, we dance with the greater energy of the universe. We let go of the limits that holds us down in life. We often are the ones who hold ourselves back. You can’t control adventures, and you can’t control life. You can, however, dance or oscillate the energy in how you experience it.

As we journey through life, we are on an endless adventure. We will continue to expand, evolve, grow, and unfold into new understandings and perspectives. Life never stops moving and we never get it done. We often focus on endings, but life continues to move regardless of the place in the chapter. Even if you come to an end to something, life moves on to the next thing/chapter.

It can be the next dream, idea, or goal, but you will always be moving on to another experience. Just like a day, a vacation, or an event has ended, you will move on to the next or another. Since life doesn’t stop moving and is the adventure, our perspective is the power we have in how we choose to experience it. I find it easier to scale back understanding to small examples.

For example, how do you look at your adventure? Perhaps just by each day. Do you wake up and pick up the problems from yesterday? Do you dread or worry what might happen or what might be said? The energy you project into your experience affects your outcomes and adventure. If you can start your day with some enthusiasm or excitement, you can positively attract a better experience than you could have planned.

Rather than watching the news before you embark on your day, arguing with your family, or stressing yourself out, you could start your adventure with more positive energy each day. You may need to adopt new or better habits to start with. Try some things that make you happy, peaceful, or joyful before you allow the energy of the world to affect your adventure. When you can deposit fun, eagerness, and excitement for your day initially, you set the stage rather than reacting to a play set forth by others.

Be picky about how you start your day. Be selective in the tone you set. You have the capability to choose the perspective you set forth. You select it with your thoughts, feelings, and habits each morning. Enjoy life. Be open to the adventure… Allow the energy of your life to line up with cheerful, favorable, and joyous experiences. You do this by being less cooperative with pessimistic, gloomy, cynical, or naysaying feelings, thoughts, or people to begin your day. Lighten your load and radiate more excitement for possibilities. Every day, Life is an adventure and should be treated like one.