How does one describe the endearment of love? I think love is infinite. Love is kind. Love is eternal. It is something you take with you always. It infuses your soul. It is the highest expression you can give someone. Love also has the power to heal.

Love is described in an infinite number of ways. Love is felt, seen, give, and touched differently. Each experience with love is unique. We can help others with love. One of the highest gifts is love.

How we feel love, how we show love, and how we infuse love into what we do reflects a powerful high vibration. I believe this vibration not only heals us, but also helps to heal loved ones, and in turn our earth. Love is magnified throughout the universe.

Can you believe that when you love yourself and others, you are contributing to a positive vibration within the collective consciousness? To give and receive love you are part of helping the planet. Love can guide you to feeling your connection with the earth, in this universe, and with each other.

I often hear “How can I make a difference?” Love. What can I do? Love. How can I contribute? Love. Love where you are. Love yourself. Love those around you. Whomever you come into contact with daily. Before you smirk about those annoying or pesky individuals in your life, could you instead try to see them with more loving eyes? It can change the energy you interact with and receive from that person. If you don’t enjoy their presence so much, you can use love to shift your experience with them.

Sometimes people are moody or unkind because of how they feel about themselves. Show them some love and see what can transform. Love has the power, the ability, and the magic to transcend. Even what may seem impossible to change. Everything is energy and everything moves on some level. So there is always the power of change.

Love is something you can believe in. Love doesn’t have one definition, description, or language. Through hardships, love can uplift us. Love gives us hope. Love gives us peace and love gives us possibility.

No matter your job, your titles, your family dynamics—-you have the opportunity to infuse them with love. Love is boundless and timeless. We may not take our material belongings with us when we transition from these bodies, but I do believe we take our love. Our status, our finances, our home all stay behind. Love goes with the soul. The bonds through love are never ending. No matter what you believe, love helps our journey in life.

Love is also linked with happiness, gratitude, and joy. They dance in this artful experience of life. Our lives and joys all look different from one another, but all joy is a root of love.

Every day when you arise and move through your day, you have the option to bring more love. To show love and to see love. No matter what is blaring on the news. No matter what fear and stresses have been amplified by so many. You have the option, the opportunity, and the ability to love. In small or big ways. Maybe it’s making breakfast for your family. Providing transportation, smiling at customers, helping your co-worker, holding the door for someone, helping someone that has their hands full, paying a compliment, being gentle with an animal, being patient with the elderly, or simply showing up with your presence.

Pay attention to what energy you infuse. Then pay attention to what is coming back to you. The more love you can infuse, notice if anything uplifts. Pay attention to how it make you feel. The atmosphere around you. Consider this as an experiment. And I’d love to hear your feedback!