Redirecting Our Energy


Redirecting our energy to the way we respond to people, events, and circumstances can help us have better control of our energy and vibrations. If you have ever studied the law of attraction, then you are familiar with “like attracts like.” The belief is based upon the ideas that people and their thoughts are both made from energy and that like energy attracts like energy.

It is one thing to have came across this mode of thought, but another to understand and practice this belief. It has taken me years of reading many books, listening to many documentaries, and listening to lectures to deepen my practices and understanding. Habits can take some time and momentum to change. To adopt this as a beneficial way of life and to change your habits to more positive ones takes some daily practice.

I’ve read studies that it can take 21, 30, and up to 41 days daily to change into a new habit. The reason I listed three is to reiterate that there is more than one study, science, and opinion on the exact number. Personally I think it’s different for everyone. Some habits I have been able to change quickly. Some have definitely taken me more than forty one days. The main point here is, now that you’ve decided to create some change and new habits, I want to remind you not to give up because it can take some time.

When you have practiced a habit that you don’t feel is good for you, it’s still easier to fall back into rather than to reinstall the “new” one. We operate so often by our “auto-pilot” minds because it doesn’t require paying much attention. We’ve done those habits so often, we can practice them without thinking. Implementing a new habit requires us to do it often enough that we download the new programming into our auto-pilot category. Then eventually the new habit becomes easy and we don’t have so much retraining.

How we respond to people, events, and circumstances is giving a kind of energy out into the universe. We may not have control over how someone has acted, what event has transpired, or what circumstances may currently be in place, but what we do have is a choice in our reactions to all of them. Someone could be hateful to you, but it doesn’t mean you are required to be hateful back. You can choose to, but the choice is up to you in how you respond. You may have practiced it so much that it is like a reflex response, but it really is a habit you have practiced enough that it is now your auto-pilot.

For example, I think about toddlers pitching a fit in the store when they didn’t get a toy or food they wanted. Some moms will ignore it and walk away. As a mom, I’ve tried this too, and it really helps to dissipate their tantrum. Now your kid may embarrass the heck out of you, but they generally do catch on(perhaps eventually) that their fit will not get their way. The momentum seems to fizzle out and they move on to something else. I’ve noticed it works this way with energy and the law of attraction. I guess you could say our children are mighty teachers.

Let’s apply this thought as adults. There are times people may not treat us as pleasingly as we would like. We might be at an unpleasant event, or perhaps experiencing some unpleasant circumstances. We have the choice to flail and throw a tantrum (like the toddler) or we can redirect our energy to fizzle out the unpleasant momentum. When you feed energy that is very displeasing, you are actually radiating energy for more unpleasant situations. When you apply the law like attracts like, you are giving your power to the momentum of the flow. It might take you some practice or thinking before you react, but you have a choice in redirecting your energy.

So if you would like more pleasing and positive circumstances, the best gift and power that you have in the moment is to stop feeding it like energy. It helps to be a little creative, or practice being more joyful, patient, and understanding to integrate the new habits. An exciting point is you have the ability to co-create with the laws of the universe to attract better situations and events in your life. Especially by how you respond to the energy you are interacting with each day. Paying attention to how you react and respond to people and situations helps you direct your energy and outcomes towards your intentions. Simply ask yourself what you would like to attract more of in life. That is where you want to steer your energy. We all have the power to redirect our energy. And the power to choose.