What are you speaking into existance? 

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What are you speaking into existence?    The words you speak, the feelings you experience, and the thoughts you dwell on are what you create to existence.   This is why I talk so much in my blogs about what you’re thinking, feeling and attracting.  It’s one thing to intellectually understand this concept, and it’s another to be aware of what you create.  I like to think about a quote from Hafix, “The words you speak become the house you live in”.  It takes a little practice to slow down and be mindful of how you not only talk to yourself, but about how you speak about yourself and others.   How you describe yourself and what you point out in others is what you tend to experience in life.  Do you generally focus on people’s strengths and good points?  Or have you gotten into the habit of pointing out their flaws and what you don’t like?  The same concept of looking for positive things rather than dwelling on the negative is also applied in how we see ourselves and others.  We always have in every moment the opportunity to either decide to see the good that people bring to the table,  or decide to we can point out their weakness.   Do we all not learn from our choices?  How does it make you feel when you aren’t being encouraged and inspired? Have you ever been grateful for another chance?  For the grace to be better?  OR did you pick up a pattern of condemning others actions?  When we try to encourage and lift others up rather than point out where you think they’ve gone wrong, you not only inspire them to be better, but you are also speaking those experiences into your existence, as well.  When you take the time to see the kindness and possibilities in others, you also create more positive opportunities for yourself.  If you can realize and believe that you have the energy and power that has created the world flowing through you then you can realize the power you have to affect the world around you.  How are you using your power?  How are you creating with this energy that exists in us all?  Are you lifting yourself and others up?  Or are you complaining and condemning ways you may not understand.  Some food for thought is the next time you make a statement, or even bigger, make a post publicly on social media like facebook, stop and think “What am I growing and expanding?” Are you inspiring and helping others or could you be pointing out faults where you may not have the whole picture.  Sometimes before you judge,  perhaps you can realize that maybe they made the best decision from their level of consciousness at the time.  Maybe no one has encouraged or helped them.  Maybe they needed that path to learn their power.  Maybe they are in the midst of learning when you observed their actions.  Where would you be if no one ever believed in or encouraged you?  I personally make more efforts to let people express their freedom without comparing them to my experience.  This has not only brought me more freedom and peace, but the understanding that I am giving them what I desire as well.  The more I practice mindfulness of what I think, feel, do and say, the less time I have to compare, compete, and judge.   I don’t have the power over others, but I do harness the power of my creations. 
I care about what I experience in life.  Learning to practice more carefully of what I am speaking into existence gives me the opportunity to create more joy and happiness into my life.  I am allowing more gratitude and, in return, receiving more in which I can be grateful.  When you understand that you receive what you put out into the universe, you can find the importance to pay more attention to the energy you’re giving out.  I can say that I haven’t changed every habit over night, but the more attention I give to my actions, feelings, words, and vibrations, the easier it gets.  The more I can change my thoughts, feelings, and actions, the more joy, security, happiness, and freedom I create and experience.  So I encourage you to, first, think about what you want to experience in life, and then pay attention to what you’re giving yourself and others.    As an old proverb once said, “A journey of a thousand miles begins with one small step.”.